Backblasts Slowing it down for my VQ

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  • When: 09/12/2018
  • QIC: Biscuit
  • The PAX: Slash (Respect) ,Full Monty (Respect), Papa Smurf (Double Respect), Dollar Bill, Inside Out, Mr. Yuk, Check Please, Gravy, Mcdreamy (Respect), Seinfeld, Peg, Kodak, Snooki, Skim, Star69,

QIC Arrived to find Skim already there and taking what looked like a delightful jog. To be honest I was a little nervous to be Qing for a Broga, and I was Vqing at that. Fifteen souls came out for my VQ. My fears were running out of exercise in 15 mins, and the men going home feeling not sufficiently worked out.


SSH (IC)*15

Reachers (IC)*10

Micheal Phelps (IC)*11

Little Baby arm Circles Forward and Backwards (IC)*11

The Thang

Bros doing Yoga

Chair pose pulses *10 to  downward dog Upward Dog*2 Into some Warrior ones twos and reverse Warrior

Light Ab Work

From Plank : Mountain Climbers, Reaching alternating arms, Reaching Alternating Arms plus extending opposite Leg

From the 6: Holding the Boat Pose, Scissor Kicks, Crunches with one leg extended.

Merry Go Round Merkins: The attempt was a merkin where one goes down on a 5 count- holds at the bottom for a 5 count-pushes up on a 5 count… (fyi it is really hard to keep that count when actively involved in the push up) The merry go round part was after each push the Pax would move to the next mat to the right while still in Plank. Recovered to Limp member then 10 burpees with 20 mountain climbers at the bottom. (later audibled to 10) Recovery Stretches.


Prayers Up for Papa Smurfs Friend Tim who had a stroke in the Surf. Prayers up for anyone that will be afflicted by Hurricane Florence. F2 .. Check Slack an F2 schedule is up. No more polls.. its 2 happy hours a month and 2 lunches a month alternating Weeks. Be there .

Message of the workout :

Tendency of workouts to do is to blow through them and going as fast as you can. Sometimes slowing it down can help build more strength. In life we tend to go through the motions on the small things. Sometimes the best thing to do is to slow down. You might be building strength you need later.

Lastly, Thank you men so much for the support. I am thankful to be apart of this brotherhood. You have made me stronger, hopefully I helped make you a little bit stronger.

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