We are Better Together

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  • When: 09/22/2018
  • QIC: Co-Q Wrangler and Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Zamboni, Wrangler, Bed Pan, Blackout, Yard Sale, Wahoo, Wrangler, Bobber, Lucky Charms, (Lucky Charms 72 year old Dad FNG..now Shake and Bake), Bada Bing, Outhouse, Star 69, Tone Deaf, Pickle, Sandcrab, Check Please, Wapner, McDreamy, Papa Smurf, Dollar Bill

Outlined against a shining September morning sky, the Twenty one Pax arrived again at the appointed hour for the weekly Poseidon pounding. In dramatic lore, they were known as Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. These are only aliases. There real names  Bada Bing, Outhouse, and McDreamy. And their true nature is to adhere to the F3 credo of Leave No Man Behind, but Leave No Man Where You Left Him.

Warm Up

10 Burpees as a member of the Pax could not produce the credo of F3…see above.

Abe Vigodas  x11

The Reacher x 11

Side Straddle Hops  x 25

50 Mountain Climbers OYO

Shoulder Taps….In Cadence  12

The Thang

Bear Crawl to the End Line.

King of Hearts..Karaoke to 50 yd line   4 burpees/ back to end line 4 burpees/ end of field 4 burpees/ back to line 4 burpees.

Forward run to 50 yd line…repeat burpees…run backwards as above.

Forward run as before…20 Merkins at each stop…Plank for the six.

Combo Indian Run/Surfee Mile….3 laps around the track in columns of two….ten surfees at the end of the first two laps

Last lap…AYG( ALL YOU GOT)…WINNER picks next exercise

Laps were to be 10;30 pace, 930 pace, then AYG…all laps were faster than anticipated.

Lucky Charms was the winner and chose Zamboni to lead the next exercise…and it was such a memorable exercise that I can’t for the life of me remember it at this moment.

Wrangler took over the Q and the Pax moseyed over to the playground and partnered up for 11’s….10 Pull-ups/ 1 merkin. subtract and add until the partners had done 10 push ups and 1 pull up.

Pax then moseyed(not sure if that is a word) and were led in some awesome Broga poses to complete the beat down.

Once again the PAX performed as expected, always encouraging one another to better and make sure to finish the exercises that we were charged with doing. The gentle reminders of how much burpees suck and the addition by Wrangler of Surfees made the PAX perform at levels unknown to other men.

COT…Prayer Request

Wrangler closed us out in prayer and we were reminded of how important it is to communicate with the M’s and  how important it is to be aware of the needs of our spouse by just asking.   Marriage is not an easy proposition but it is indeed a worthy endeavor..Prayers for Seinfeld and his next opportunity and prayers as well for Wapner as our visitor from Wilmington NC deals with the unknown effects of the hurricane.

Lombardi said this,  “People who work together will win, wheter it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.”



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