Fix Your Fuse

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  • When: 09/25/2018
  • The PAX: Airbags(respect), Dollar Bill, Pom Pom, Skim, McDreamy(respect), Kodak, InsideOut, Gravy

The air was heavy, the temperature was a cool 77 degrees and the humidity was an amazing 91% and 9 Pax Posted in anticipation of whether or not McDreamy or Outhouse would show up in the clothes they had laid out the night before.  Instead the men were treated to a snippet from the “Great and in your Face” David Goggins – Some People Hate Bright Light! Our goal this beautiful morning would be to fix our fuse and shine our light so those in the dark could find their way out.


Limp Member OYO

SSH x 10 IC

Hillbillys x 10 IC

Prisoner Squat x 10 IC


Mosey out of Davis Park making our way to the first stop light – 10 SSHs IC.  From here we would pic up the pace making 3 stops until we reached the bottom of the bridge performing Plank Jacks, Mountain Climbers and more SSHs along the way.

Indian Run to the apex of the bridge where we performed 3 Sets of Bridgekins x 10. Mosey down the other side for some SSH x 20 IC.

Back up the bridge at your own pace to the apex for Side Planks.

Mosey back down to the bottom where we all hugged a tree.

Nice pace back to the park where we made 3 more stops for some more Mountain Climbers, LBCs and planks.

Finished with a double time back to the flag.


Prayer request for BadaBing and his ailing back.

I cant’t tell you how impressed I was with the group this morning and how far we have all come.  We made great strides to fix that fuse and there is no doubt our light is shining brighter today.


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