For a Fallen Brother…

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  • When: 09/29/2018
  • QIC: Snaggle/ McDreamy
  • The PAX: SHOCK TREATMENT, Check Please, Shake and Bake, Air Bags, Wiley (FNG), Pyro, Opie, Star69, Tone Deaf, Snaggle, Dollar Bill, Bed Pan, Rim Shot, Papa Smurf, Bullwinkle, Bada Bing, Osteen, Nutshell, Lucky Charms, Seinfeld, Black Out, Slash

23 men welcomed the gloom of Poseidon, thankful for the unity of the Pax, yet somber in the memory of Shock Treatment. Our brother Greg Vernon lost his life in July of this year, and today was his 31st birthday. It is for him that we dedicate our efforts today. 

Warm up

  • SHH (31)
  • Toy soldier
  • LBAC forward/ backward
  • Michael Phelps
  • (other stuff I forgot)

The Thang

Four Corners: 31 of each on football field corners– burpees, WWI situps, Squats, plate curls; bearcrawl or hallelujah run between corners

Ferris Wheel: P1 wheelbarrows out 31 paces and does 31 derkins on planking partner, return to center and flapjack; round 2 was 31 leaping over legs…

Mosey to playground

Elevens: pull-ups and LBCs– combination of 2 added to 11 in ascending/ descending fashion

Mosey to BB court

Bunnyhopmerkinsuicides: bunny hop across court– do 10 merkins, crawlbear back; repeato with diamonds, werkins, stagger R/L

Mosey to field

Pass the Biscuit: groups of 4– 2 pax ran sideways down field, passing 25-35 lb plate back and forth while 2 pax did supermans. Flapjack. Rounds 2 and 3 were LBCs and one arm planks. 

COT: CR/NR/BOM/Prayers

Greg’s sister Laura wrote him a letter that she asked that I read to the group. We remember that no man should slip through our hands…

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