Out of Your Comfort Zone…

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  • When: 10/13/2018
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: McDreamy, Outhouse, Bada Bing, Lucky Charms, Shake n Bake, Salsa, Bedpan, O'Steen, Yard Sale, Wrangler, Sandcrab,Check Please, Zamboni

Before F3, my comfort zone was running a few miles whenever I could squeeze it in.  Even though I knew that getting out of bed at 4:30 in the morning was the right thing to do, I couldn’t pull the trigger…and then I did it a few times during the week and now it’s a bad day when I don’t get an F3 workout in….

The question of the day:  “Where do you want to go?”

The Thang:  Warm Up….13 Smurf Jacks/13 SSH’s, 13 Mt. Climbers, 13 Michael Phelps…10 Don Quixote’s

Pax was asked a question about The Stated Mission and answered with the credo instead….so we all did 10 Burpees together.

Then we moseyed to the end line and did a King of Hearts to Get going followed by alternating shoulder taps to get ready for the opening act…The Quarter Pounder.  Once completed, the Pax then attempted a new exercise to the Pax, the Bear Crawl Snake..it almost went off as planned….then it was to the side of the field to do BlackJack with Flutter Kicks and LBC’s(no one brought their calculators so the count may have been off…)  Once completed, the Pax paired up and played a little Catch Me if You Can. Somewhere in there we did People’s chair paired up for several minutes….Next came the Slugger , followed by good old fashioned 100 yard sprints.  The Pax then circled up and performed The Howling Monkey followed by Guantanamo Bay. And I think that there was THE REACHER in there someplace…

By most accounts the Pax appeared  satisfied with the event. Salsa was back after awhile and the indominable spirit of Zamboni and Bada Bing performing while injured is inspiring. The YHC found out that you must pay attention when running against older Pax as Shake and Bake dusted my tail in the dash like LSU beating Georgia.  YHC also lost a valuable Heirloom during the Bear Crawl Snake as Osteen and Wrangler couldn’t seem to keep their hands off of one another.

Two final thoughts: “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man: true nobility is being superior to your former self.” Ernest Hemingway.

“People who are becoming love celebrate how far the people around them have come. They’re constantly asking the question, “where do you want to go?” Then they help the people around them get there. Go do that with the people you love, including your enemies. Don’t talk to them about their failures and the dark places they’ve been. Talk to them about who they’re becoming and the bright hope that is their future. Speak truthful and wise words over them. Knowing that the journey you and I are on NEVER REALLY ends, we can ask the people we love one of the most important questions ever conceived, WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO?” Bob Goff…”Everybody, Always.”

COT & BOM…prayers for the injured and those in the hurricane..

Always a  good time to sweat with an incredible group of men.  YHC….finished.

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