4 corners

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When : 10/11/2018

QIC:  Inside/out

the pax:  peg, dollar bill, mcdreamy, pom pom, papa smurf, shinola, Mr yuck, yard sale, gizzard, full monty, Gravy,  Outhouse, Zamboni, air bags, bull winkle, kodak

The Q has been sick for a few days but I struggled through it.    Wanted to thank P smurf for helping me a little.

Warm a rama:   (15) little baby arm circles forward, (15) little baby arm backward , (15)side straddle hop,  (15) Michael Phelps,   (15) don Quixote , (15) mountain climber, (15) toy soldier.

the thang:

mosey to bear crawl alley and did lunges half way and bear crawl the other half way.

once we got to the bleachers we did ( 10) decline merkins,  (10) incline merkins and ( 10) regular merkins

next we spelled out the ABC in a leg lift position.

next two did two sets of ten dips on the bleachers.

Bear crawl and lunge back down bear crawl alley.

Once we got to the parking lot we divided into 4 groups and everyone start at a orange cone in the corner.

first cone is ten merkins, second cone is 10 burpee, third cone is 20 squat,  fourth cone is 20 big boy situp.

the thang was complete once we stopped at each cone 5 times.

Back to the flag for count rama, name o rama , and prayer.


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