It’s been awhile since I Qed

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  • When: 10/16/2018
  • The PAX: THE Barry Shinkoff (respect), Seatdown, Synapse (double respect), Outhouse, McDreamy (respect) Ryan Hurshawn(sp?) FNG-LiarLiar, Xenu (respect), Updraft (respect), Eileen, (respect), Drone, BigBird, Feud

It’s been awhile since YHC Qed so I got back into it and picked a few other days.  There happened to be an FNG too. Bonus! The weather was nice as the PAX gathered. 2 Badlanders graced us with their presence. A welcome site.

Welcome, disclaimer, and brief description of cadence and why we are here for the FNG.

Circled up in the Parking Lot – this is a first for me. Usually it’s in the field.

  • wonderbra 15 ic
  • pretzel crunches L/R 15 IC
  • Don Q 15 IC
  • grabbed curb, calf raises 15 IC
  • Imperial Lunge walker  – I saw someone doing this on the sidewalk and thought..why not! 10 per leg.
  • Descending curb crawl – start with bear crawl 6 derkins, bear crawl back across parking lot 5, keep going until 1. Modification was lunge.

Tempo Time!

Moseyed to pavilion

  • tempo dips – YHC favorite 15 IC
  • tempo squats – 15 IC
  • tempo merking – 15 IC

Moseyed to basketball court


PAX had 5 seconds to line up on half court line by birth month, everyone plank. 1st person attempts free throw. Make is 1 squat for all, Miss is 1 burpee. Next person attempts, all down the line. Squats are incremented with makes, burpees incremented with misses.

3 makes  – 1,2,3 squats – 6 total

10 misses – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10 burpees – 55 total.

Rinse repeat – but wonderbra for makes, merkins for misses. 4 makes – improvement !! 9 misses. So – 10 total wonderbras 45 total merkins.

Eileen had to leave so that left 12 people. Grab a partner – 40 Iron crosses total per group. Badlanders wanted to do 40 per person.


Circled up in middle of basketball court

  • protractor
  • flutter kicks 25 ic
  • hello dolly 15 ic
  • box cutters 15 oyo

Moseyed to flag.

Prayers to Ashley/OTC, and others that I can’t recall. I apologize. This is why backblasts need to be done sooner.

FNG – LiarLiar – evidently there are skeletons but nothing what shared, according to McDreamy and Outhouse

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