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  • When: 10/18/2018
  • QIC: Full Monty
  • The PAX: McDreamy (respect), Papa Smurf (double respect), Bullwinkle, BooShay (respect), CheckPlease, Kodak, Snookie, Crash, Airbags (respect), Skim, Mr. Yuck, Outhouse, Zamboni (respect), Inside Out, Dollar Bill

16 PAX showed up in the gloom of another balmy fall day…Without wasting much time YHC skipped the pleasantries and at 5:30 went right into the warm-up…


SSH – Side Straddle Hop – 12

Don Quixote – Windmill – 12

Peter Parkers – 12

Hillbillies – 12

Moroccan Night Club – 12

Chinnooks – 12


Mosey to lot – kareoke, backwards, butt kicks…

Station 1: PAX does together – Wilt Chamberlains – 100 LBC’s, sprint to cones, 100 squats, sprint back to cones, 100 Flutter kicks, sprint back to cones, 100 Lunges (50 each leg) Rinse and repeat…DONE Together as a TEAM!

Mosey to football field – kareoke, backwards, butt kicks…

Count of in twos…

Partner 1 will perform each exercise denoted below as Partner 2 anyway but forward 60 yards, 5 burpees & jogs back to continue the exercise from the count accumulated by Partner 1. This will continue until the repetition count stated below is met. 1. Reverse Crunch (100). 2. Squats (100). 3. LBC’s (100). 4. Little Baby Arm Circles (100). 5. Jump Squats (100). 6. Plank Jacks (100) – 600 total


Mosey back to flag pole.




Announcements – F2 tomorrow at 12:00pm at The Loop, St. John’s Town Center

Devo – ONe time a year all the major sports are playing at the same time…all TEAM sports…Together, Everyone, Accomplishes, Much. By completing our workout together as a team it creates equal opportunity for everyone to have the same workout.  We can also accomplish as a group and help pour fellow brethren.

Prayer – for Skim’s 2.0 – driving test Friday, for  Kodiak… hurricane victims. That we would be men walking in a manner that pleases the Lord.

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