One Word Can Make the Difference…We Get to Workout Today.

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  • When: 10/20/2018
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Sandcrab( Double Respect), McDreamy(Respect), Zamboni(Respect), Inside Out(better late than never), Outhouse, Tone Deaf, Lucky Charms, Osteen, Black Out(Respect) Check Please, Peg, Dill Pickle, Dollar Bill

13 PAX arrived on time and one was a better late than never for a total of 14…FNG’s were absent, the injured continued to heal, and the rest of the PAX soldiered on, in hopes of making themselves a little bit better than the day before.

Warm Up

Abe Vigoda 15/, SSH/15, The Reacher 10/, Hello Dolly’s 15/ and maybe one more….

The Thang

When you reach double respect age, sometimes you misremember the order and exercises that you prescribed, but we’ll try to close our eyes and remember.

Bearcrawl to the sideline and karaoke 2(x)

Mosey to the endline and let the fun begin

Red Barchetta: 100 yds/100 SSH, return back and plank for the six..75 yds/75 mt. climbers/ bw apfts/50 yds/50lbc’s bw apfts/25 yds/ 25 merkins bw apfts/ 10 yds/ 10 burpees bw apfts….

Combo Indian run…side shuffle along the outline of the field….and last man runs to the front.

Mosey to the playgroup for an 18 round tabata 40 sec on/15 off…burpees/wall sit/swing thing/mike ditkas/mt.climbers/ box jump.

Triple Check…200 yd run/ peoples chair/plank.

Mosey to circle…10 burpees for the late arrival of Inside Out.

Guantanamo Bay. and i think that’s it…..



Count o rama

Name o rama


Prayers for those affected by Hurricane Michael/Panama City, All of those who are injured, and friends of the PAX who are dealing with serious illnesses.  Let God shine favor on us.

Today we GOT to work out:  “Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become. No single instance will transform your beliefs, but as the votes build up, so does evidence of your new identity.” James Clear…ATOMIC HABITS

What a wonderful day it was to work out. Dollar Bill showed outstanding speed in the Red Barchetta’s and Lucky Charms continued to run like a dual citizen  running from Interpol!  Osteen was hampered by a bit of a sore back but he pushed on and even approved of one of Papa Smurf’s songs during the Ciabatta…which was a win for everyone.

Pickle is now 14 and beginning to show improvement in the strength department…before long he will be joining the gun show with Osteen and Sandcrab. Peg’s heartrate was an amazing 193 at one point while Outhouse continued to rely on faulty equipment as his heart rate hovered around the 120 mark. It must mean that he is either extremely fit or coasting during the workout.

After getting his arse kicked in the 100 meters last week, your humble Q leader had to ask Lucky Charms about Shake n Bake. Come to find out the 72 year old was a 4 minute miler back in the day and he still has speed that can humble us all.

Finally, there were some fireworks at coffeteria… Papa Smurf was raving about the convenience of the Chick Fil it app and how much free food he has received for his kids. Upon hearing this, Outhouse and Inside Out promptly went to the app store to cash in for themselves. This sent Sandcrab into a bit of a tizzy. Evidently, according to Sandcrab, Chick Fil it is bad for your heart, because of all of the saturated fat that they cook with. His passion derives from bad family experiences due to the effects of saturated fat and a bad diet. The Pax, while intelligent and reasonably fit, pounced on an opportunity to have a little fun with Sandcrab. All of the fun is exactly what F3 is about; Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. Until we meet again….SYITG

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