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Posted on September 24, 2018.  @Yard Sale Posted in Backblasts

  • When: 09/24/18
  • QIC: Yard Sale
  • The PAX: Zamboni (respect), Snaggle, FT, Nut Shell, Kodak, Gizzard, Dollar Bill, Check Please, Snookie, McDreamy (respect), Airbags (respect), Lucky Charms, Outhouse, Full Monte (respect), Inside Out, Blackout (respect)



“Be BOLD!”  Push yourself and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

“The doors will be opened for those who are bold enough to knock”

“Fortune Favors the Bold”

“Most obstacles melt away when we make up our minds to walk boldly through them.”

“Be brave.  Take risks.  Nothing can substitute experience.”

“Be strong, but not rude.  Be kind, but not weak. Be humble but not shy.  Be confident, but not arrogant.”



  • 15 Side Straddle Hops
  • 10 Reachers
  • 10 Hillbillies
  • 10 Don Quioxtes
  • Pigeon Pose
  • Limp Member with a twist
  • Pigeon pose


The Thang

  1. Mosey to the football field, karaoke left and right.
  2. Circle Burps.
  3. Dora 1-2-3! Teams of two working together towards cumulative goal of:
    • 100 merkins
    • 200 LBCs
    • 300 squats
    • One partner does reps while other runs to far blinking lights and back. Switch, until complete.
  1. Bear Crawl to near blinking lights and back. 15 diamond merkins in between.
  2. 100 Dips on Bleachers
  3. Fire Drill: Fast chop, tumble roll left/right on command.  Great performance!
  4. Alphabet- on backs, spell alphabet with legs
  5. Indian Run back to flag


Circle of Trust:

  • Count-o-rama
  • Name-o-rama
  • Ball of Man-  Prayers for the pax, to help us to step out of our comfort zone to make a positive impact on others, with special focus on trying to extend ourselves to strangers or people we don’t normally get along with.

“So, because you are luke warm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth”

Revelation 3:16


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