No pain, No gain

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  • When: 10/25/2018
  • QIC: Check Please
  • The PAX: McDreamy(Respect), airbags(Respect), shinola, crash,gravy,Bada bing,papa smurf(double Respect), Pom Pom,zamboni(Respect), yard sale(Respect), inside out, halpert(welcome from Memphis), booshay(Respect), dollar bill, bullwinkle, black out(Respect)

17 men including a brother from Memphis (halpert) posted in the gloom at the Badlands this morning.  Finally it’s pleasant weather with lower humidity so QIC decided to bring a good whooping to the PAX. As they say no pain, no gain and there was some pain, even the QIC had some of his own pain in the gloom. But as usual the workout stinks and is hard but we are all better for it and better men because of it. Have to add in that yard sale came in VERY hot this morning and cost the PAX 5 burpees. Really should have been more but QIC knew what was to come so took it easy on the fellas.


Warm up:

seal jacks

the reacher

limp member OYO

5 burpees as planned but an additional 5 for yard sales tardiness

big arm circles forward

tempo monkey humpers

tempo merkins

tempo prisoner squats

tempo alternating shoulder taps

don quixote

tempo Peter parkers


The Thang:

mosey to storage shed and do 3 laps. After each lap perform exercises. After first lap perform 50 hand release merkins, QIC thought 50 sounded good but took it down to 40 once the pain kicked in.  After second lap perform 50 mountain climbers each leg.  After third lap perform 25 Bobby Hurley’s.  Next ran to nearest roundabout and performed 30 LBC, 20 toe taps each foot, 20 incline merkins, 20 dips. Next lunge halfway around the roundabout and bear crawl the other half with stopping at each of 3 palm trees and performing 5 burpees.  Run back to COT and perform 10 SSH and 20 hello dolly’s.


prayer requests

finish in prayer


Other things from this morning include papa smurf tripping over the curb and falling down scrapping his shin and lots of mumble chatter saying how much those hand release merkins sucked. I like to hear the complaining as it gives this QIC a sense of pride making the PAX work hard. Thank you for allowing me to Q and lead you men,it’s an honor. Until next time no pain, no gain.




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