Celebrate Good Times!

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  • When: 11/1/2018
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Gravy, McDreamy, Papa Smurf, Air Bags, Bada Bing, Shinola, Kodak, Bullwinkle, Pom Pom, Yard Sale, Booshay, Snaggle

In the fall of 1980, when YHC was just beginning his junior year at Miami Palmetto Senior High School, a seminal event rocked the world of disco, and, dare I say, funk music. One Robert Bell — better known then to the world as “Kool” — brought together the collective resources of his “Gang” and debuted the Kool & The Gang album “Celebrate.” The mandate of the title song was clear: One should — nay, one must! — celebrate good times. And so, fortified by such certitude, the Pax on a crisp November morn came together to do just that, with the specific charge being to celebrate the reduction of 104 pounds by our brother, Gravy. And what better way to mark the life-changing experience of the G-Train shedding the equivalent of 13 gallons of milk than to celebrate by doing one burpee for each pound that was shed. Indeed, when this agenda became clear to the Pax, it was met with ecstatic approval — or at least, that’s how YHC chooses to remember it. YHC will concede that there is the remote possibility that said ecstasy was fulsome in nature. So be it. On to the workout!


* Mosey

* Michael Phelps

* Bastardized Hillbilly

* Cotton Picker

* 20 burpees

The Thang

* Burpee suicides. Run to far curb, 5 burps, return, 5 burps. Repeat 3x for a total 30 burps.

* Catch me if you can: P1 walks off with two coupons (pavers), doing side raises and, when fatigued, overhead presses. P2 does 20 mountain climbers (20 each leg) then runs to catch P1. Switch off as we make our way down to Jessica field.

* 15 burps

* Weighted squats. P1 runs to goal post (~ 25 yards) while P2 does squats with coupon held overhead. 300 squats per team.

* More burps. 20, and then 5 more, just to mix things up.

* 100 LBCs

* Run back to second parking lot, with coupons held overhead for 30 seconds at a time.

* Break for mucho chesto, 20 push-ups for each of the five positions.

* Return to flagpole. 14 more burps got us to 104.


* Prayers for Yard Sale’s daughter; for those afflicted by dementia / alzheimer’s; for G-Train’s run of crap luck (aside from the weight loss!). Reminder to truly celebrate the good things in life — pick something out today, a colleague’s achievement, a child’s discovery, whatever it is, and revel in it. Always a pleasure to lead this group of men and to learn from it. YHC is… out!

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