Taking Your Chances with a Roll of the Dice

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  • When: 11/03/2018
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Farah & Farah (double respect), Fix-It, Bodhi (FNG- Tom Miller), Feud

4 PAX, 1 FNG posted in the crisp, cool and picturesque morning gloom at Boondocks. After coming off a hectic week at work, YHC was not as prepared as he normally is for a Q. Luckily, he remembered he had made a purchase the last time he was at Target that proved to be quite handy today. That purchase, combined with the need to burn off some extra calories that YHC may have ingested last night led to the following beatdown. Disclaimer given. Let’s “roll”.


  • SSH x20 IC
  • Don Quixote x15 IC
  • Reach Through x12 IC
  • LBAC forward/backwards, Chinook, and Raise the Roof x15 reps each IC
  • Hillbillies x12 IC
  • Squats x10 IC
  • Merkins x10 IC
  • Big Boy Sit Ups x20 OYO

The Thang

YHC felt it was about time that the Boondocks Pax took a little road trip. Surrounded by neighborhoods, there were not many places to go, but he did find a “near” 1-mile loop for some pearls on a string mosey. On the mosey, one member of the Pax carried a Rucksack with a 30# weight (courtesy of Jumani) and another member of the Pax lead with the flag. After each stop, Pax rotated who carried each item. At each stop, exercises were determined by a roll of the dice (the Target purchase):

  • Dice 1: squats, lunges, merkins, SSH, crunches, or players choice
  • Dice 2: 10, 20, or 30 reps, 30, 60, or 90 seconds
  • After first round, Pax allowed to call the type of exercise aside from the standard (for example, if merkins rolled, Pax could call for Diamond merkins)

There were a couple of special stops for:

  • Balls to the Walls x30 sec followed by shoulder presses x5 if able
  • Derkins along fence x20 reps

With time remaining upon return to the park, we did the following:

  • Six-pack of pull-ups and merkins
  • Suicides: 10, 20, 30, 40 LBCs
  • Few minutes of Mary:
    • Flutter kicks x15 IC
    • Hello Dolly x10 IC
    • Box Cutters x10 OYO
    • WW I sit-ups x12 OYO
    • Lindsay Lohan


YHC had a System-wide Leadership meeting at work this week and heard the CEO speak about a memorial service held at the Synagogue for the 11 Jews killed in Pittsburgh this week. There were members of the Christian and Muslim communities present at this memorial. Apparently the Rabbi, lit candles and listed the names of the departed. He then listed names of the victims of the South Carolina church, and then those of the mosque in Quebec City. He went on to say that this is not a Jewish problem, or Christian problem or Muslim problem, but that this was OUR problem. YHC feels he is completely right. We the people need to unite to end this era of aggressive intolerance. Underneath this flesh, we are all the same makeup. Despite what the news or social media portrays, most people do get along. We need build on this if we hope to end the madness that is portrayed by the media.    


  • Prayers for all those members of the Pax participating in the Terrain Race today
  • Prayers for the soul of Vivian Carey, a lady YHC had met at a church mission whom he exchanged prayer requests. Vivian passed away Thursday due to cancer.
  • Prayers for the men serving on a Kairos Prison Ministry this weekend
  • Game Day Party at Fix-It’s house, Jags vs Colts next Sunday.  Details to be provided on Slack.

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