Salute the Veterans

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  • When: 11/12/2018
  • QIC: Check Please
  • The PAX: Papa smurf(double Respect), full monty(Respect), skim, black out(Respect), nutshell,snaggle, inside out, crash, Kodak, squeege (Respect), happy feet, bull winkle, airbags(Respect), Pom Pom, Bada bing, outhouse, sandcrab( double Respect), dollar bill,

What a great morning in the gloom for an F3, Veterans Day workout in the Badlands. The Q was very happy to see a great turnout of 19 Pax and that they took heed of my pre warning to come prepared with gloves, running shoes, pull up muscles, and the ability to say the Pledge Of Allegiance. Wanted to give the Pax a little history about Veterans Day and the meaning behind the day. This year was a special Veterans Day as it marked the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. Fighting ended when the allies and Germany put into effect an armistice on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. Talked about using the two numbers of 100 and 11 in our workout and reps. Asked the Pax if anyone present had served in the military or is currently serving and 2 men raised their arms. Brother Crash and Pom Pom proudly served our country and was awesome when the Pax broke out a nice ovation for our military service brothers. Next was to say the Pledge of Allegiance as a Pax and thought was awesome to hear that, thinking would be nice to do that before every F3 workout. From here we mosied to the church parking lot for warmups.


Warmups with all reps of 11:



toy soldier

monkey humpers

carolina dry docks

bobby hurley

peter parkers

alternating shoulder taps


The Thang:

1. Mucho chesto with pull-up kicker

5 different merkins for 20 reps each getting us to 100 with 5 pull-ups in between each set of merkins for total of 25.

2. Triangle of burpees

started at 5 burpees and lunged between the 3 points of triangle with going from 5 burpees down to 4 then 3 then 2 then 1.

3. Ran back over to parking lot and did 20 dips and 20 toe touches. Next ran 3 reps of sprints each time with different exercises done adding up to 100.

A) 50 squats then run to second parking island and do 50 flutter kicks

B) 50 raise the roof and 50 LBC

C) 50 hello dolly and 50 mountain climbers


Run back to circle and count o rama, name o rama and some talk about Veterans Day. Talked to Pax about remembering our Veterans today and again thanking our men for their service. Full Monty closed us in prayer.

Looking forward to my next Q and was an honor and privilege to lead the Pax.


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