Time to get Swole

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  • When: 11/17/2018
  • The PAX: Xenu (R), Toxic (DR), Synapse (DR), Hollywood, BigBird, Heisenberg, LIFO

7 PAX gathered at ANCHOR on a 48* morning.  After a few beatdowns with cinder blocks, YHC decided to switch things up with dumbbells.


  • Michael Phelps 15 IC
  • Bent over Michael Phelps – 15 IC – renamed to prisoner Michael Phelps
  • BAC fwd/bck 15 IC each way
  • Curls for the girls 20 IC
  • triceps extension 15 IC
  • Merkin row 10 OYO
  • 4 way stop sign 15 IC
  • We tried LBAC – got to 3 IC, these sucked at this point.

The Thang:

YHC talked about the passing of a famous person to honor. Synapse thought it was Roy Clark…not quite. Stan Lee. During the next few minutes, talk then switched to Dukes of Hazzard, Daisy Duke and the famous singer of John Schneider. Evidently, Tom Wopat had an album too, who knew.

  • Captain Thor – BBSU/American hammer 1:4 ratio up to 10. First 5 w/ coupon.  Confusion reigned supreme here…Synapse was doing 1 BBSU each time, and Toxic was questioning the counting on the American Hammer.  He said, he’s been finishing early for years. Not sure if it was for American Hammer or something else.
  • Iron Hulk – Merkin/Raise the roof 1:4 ratio up to 10. First 5 w/ coupon
  • Iron Man – Arm raise forward/Calf raises 1:4 ratio up to 10 all w/coupon.

YHC decided to move the circle 5 ft away.

  • BBSU 20 OYO with coupon
  • Flutter kick 10 IC  w/ coupon overhead, 10 IC w/ coupon arms extended.
  • Curls 20 IC
  • Kickbacks 10 IC per side
  • Pterodactyl – 15 IC – Synapse provided sounds
  • Bench Press – 20 IC
  • Bent over rows 15 IC

Moved to benches

  • Tempo dips 15 IC
  • Tempo irkins 15 IC
  • Tempo derkins 15 IC

Back to field:

  • Chinooks 15 IC
  • Moroccan Nightclub 15 IC
  • Round robin
    • Xenu Arm raises 15 IC
    • Heisenberg – air chair w/ arm extension w/ coupon, Truck driver? 20 seconds
    • Hollywood – hammer curls 15 IC
    • Synapse – Boxer punches 15 IC
  • Curls 20 IC.

Circled up around flag.

Holiday season – think of others, reach out. Not everyone will have a place to go, or family to visit, or meals to eat.  Heisenberg is asking for donations to take to Jamaica to provide Christmas to an orphanage. BB asking for praise and prayers.  Multiple PAX running today.

Heisenberg led us out in prayer.

Pledge of Allegiance.



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