Fall Down 7 times…Get up 8

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  • When: 11/19/2018
  • QIC: McDreamy
  • The PAX: Papa Smurf, Outhouse, Full Monty, Dolla Bill, Snaggle, Happy Feet (HBD!!), Snookie, Squeege, Check Please, Sandcrab, Yard Sale, Kodak, BullWinkle, Zamboni,

It was truly a gloom fest at Davis Park this morning. Dense fog and a light mist in the air greeted YHC upon his 515 arrival. Football mumblechatter and post- weekend groans filled the air as the Pax ‘cheerfully’ arrived. YHC began the morning from Nelson Mandela: Don’t judge me by my success, rather, by how many times I fell and rose again…


Warm up: 5 JACKS

Jumping Jacks 15

Low jacks 15

Plank jacks 15

Get back Jacks— leap back—squat jump— leap forward 15 oyo

Smack Jacks— hand-release merkins 15 oyo


Mosey around first parking lot to Outhouse

Pair up. P1 wheelbarrow 30 paces, do 20 iron crosses, switch to P2… all the way to first parking lot


“Not funny 20…suicides” (Long distance suicides):

Round 1—Start: 20 merkins at curb

First island: 20 Air Jordan’s

Back to start: 20 merkins

Second island: 20 AJs

Start: 20 merkins

Third Island…you guessed it…

Start: 20 merkins


Round 2— mountain climbers/ prisoner squats


Bear crawl hall— 1/2 bear crawl/1/2 lunge to field house


20/20/20/20: box jump/ dips/derkins/irkins


Tabata: 30 sec work/ 10 sec rest—3 rounds Burpees, LBCs, Plank Jacks, Squat jumps


Leapfrog/ Skip to consession stand…mosey home…and one round of NASCAR (bearcrawl) around flag)


BOM/CR/NR/ And 8 burpees for Happy Feet’s Birthday…


Back to Mandela…Do we rate ourselves solely on achievements— and likewise thrash ourselves in failure? Several of us ran the Spartan yesterday— and failed miserably on several obstacles. Let me suggest that we were all winners by simply posting in competition.  Mandela also said, “Forget the past”. How well do we do that? LETS ALL BE MORE FORGETFUL TODAY!!

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