Happy Thanksgiving…Don’t be a Turkey

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  • When: 11/22/18
  • QIC: Zamboni, Bullwinkle
  • The PAX: Mass-Hole (FNG), Dismount (FNG), McDreamy, O'Steen, Papa Smurf, Full Monty, Griswald, Mr. Clean, Sand Crab, Biscuit, Inside Out, Wahoo, Check Please, Nutshell, Airbags, Bada Bing

19 PAX arrived thinking about having the day off, running a turkey trot, watching football, eating lots of food and maybe tolerating certain family members as their dues for the day.  Bullwinkle started things off with an authoritative warm-up, Zamboni followed with a NASCAR Burpee Race as the PAX circled the flag.


  1. Mosey with a stop at the Outhouse for 20 Merkins
  2. Mosey to the 1st parking lot for 4-Station, 45 sec, Circuit 4-times around  (Reaching Plank, Medicine Ball Squat & Press, Carolina Dry-Dock and Single Leg Squat).
  3. Mosey to Bear Crawl Alley for Bear Crawls (only for those not carrying something heavy)
  4. Mosey to the bathrooms for another 4-Station, 45 sec, Circuit 3 times around (TRX Row, Wall Balls, Monkey Humpers and Triceps Dip)
  5. Mosey back to the Outhouse for 20 Merkins
  6. Mosey to the Flag…Griswald picked 10, so the PAX finished with 10 Burpees.


The PAX welcomed two FNGs – Patrick Murphy (Mass-Hole) and Vali Buse (Dismount)


  1. Gratitude unspoken is like a gift that is wrapped but never given
  2. We should count our blessing, but also make our blessing count
  3. Remember to appreciate being in the moment, that’s why it’s called being “present”, because it’s a gift!

And Then…

A smaller group ran the 5K Turkey Trot in Nocatee.  Bada Bing carried the flag the entire way and then hosted a of us for coffee and treats at his house.


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