Called out

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  • When: 11/24/18
  • QIC: Snuffleupagus
  • The PAX: Boucher, Lifo, Flounder, BigBird, Seatdown, Toxic, Bowzer, Pyro,


Warm up:

SSH 15 I/C

Arm circle F 15 I/C

Arm circle B 15 I/C

Reacher 15 I/C

Squat 10 I/C

The Thang

It had been a while since Snuffy had taken a turn as the Q, so Bing couldn’t make it out and called Snuffy out. Being old and grumpy I planned something that wouldn’t be easily forgotten.

Dora partner up:

100 Squats partner run

200 Crunch’s

300 Lunges counting each leg

Fast runners go CCW around the park while the IR and walkers go CW, walkers turn and go back when the runners come around.

Dora partner up:

100 Tricep extensions

200 Bigboy sit-ups

300 Curls for the girls counting each arm

Evenly space around the Fountain statue for a 6 inch Ring of Fire

Dora partner up:

100 Bent over row

200 Monkey humpers – This was entertaining with the Jehova Witness People watching.

300 Sumo squats

Finished with 3 minutes left.

Count a roma

COT and Prayer

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