Just Show Up…

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  • When: 11/26/2018
  • QIC: Kodak/ McDreamy
  • The PAX: Full Monty, Nutshell, Papa Smurf, Airbags, Osceola, Yard Sale, Griswold, Bull Winkle, Mr. Yuk, Snooki, Gravy, Inside Out, Squeege, Zamboni, Horny, Outhouse, Bada Bing, Kodak, Sandcrab,

20 of Ponte Vedra’s finest, including a special guest from F3 Charleston (welcome, Osceola!) united following an enjoyable (though perhaps slothful..?) Thanksgiving holiday. It was evident from the collective attitude and smiling faces that all were ready to get after it! For the most part… As no one had committed to the Q for this morning,  Kodak stepped up to take charge. YHC was just along for the assist.  


Warm Up (led by McD)

  • One Arm SSH 10
  • Shinook Squats 10
  • Birth Canals 10
  • Parker Peter/ Peter Parker 10 each
  • Groiners 10

The Thang (led by Kodak):

(aka Kodak’s Pyramid of Death…)

Mosey to Atlantic Storage lot, roughly 1/2 mi away

Partner Up–P1 ran in one direction around the 1/4 parking lot loop. P2 ran in the other. When they met, each did 25 merkins…and off they went for another lap. When meeting again, they added 25 LBCs to the merkinfest. The party really started when dips, squats, and American Hammers were added in an escalating fashion in increments of 25 after each loop. The good news: by the 6th lap, the first (and subsequent) exercise was dropped in a a de-escalation fashion, such that by lap 10, only the running remained. Thoroughly smoked, the Pax retreated home…tails and tongues wagging. 


McD discussed the importance of leadership, simply by ‘showing up’ after the inertia associated with returning after a prolonged holiday. Hebrews 12:1 was quoted, as we were all reminded to run our race with endurance. 

Enjoyed it– Thanks again to K-man for stepping up!

Peace out



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