Fitness is Fun

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  • When: 11/28/18
  • QIC: Bada Bing
  • The PAX: Papa Smurf (double respect), Full Monty (respect), Aaron Lesher (respect), Mr. Yuck, Dollar Bill, Happy Feet, Gravy, Kodak, Zamboni (respect), Squeege (respect), Bullwinkle, Nutshell, Outhouse, Cookie, Terminator

Twas a 37 degree morning when all thro’ Davis Park, Not a PAX was stirring, not even an Outhouse; The toys were placed by the fields with care, In hopes that Badlanders would soon would be there; The fartsackers were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of a McDreamy beatdown danced in their heads. 

Ahhhh, the Winter season is finally upon us in the Badlands of Ponte Vedra. Lots of pre-beatdown mummblechatter about proper clothing options. YHC, anxious that anyone would show up at all in the cutting wind and frigid air, thus proposes the idea of “Fun” to the PAX to entice them to unfartsack themselves and post. The disclaimer today would be Fitness, Fellowship, Faith and Fun…albeit I am not a professional at any of the later. All in all, 16 brave PAX posted for the Fun that was to come. Some wore Parkas (Nutshell) and others wore Shorts (Kodak). Welcome Terminator. 

Toys: 1 Light-up Soccer Ball, 1 Soccer Net, 1 Concrete Wall, 1 Baseball Bat, 3 Tennis Balls, 4 Lacrosse Balls, 40 Golf Balls, 50+ Burpees, Unlimited Fun!


  • Burpees OYO x10
  • SSH IC x15
  • Plank Jacks IC x10
  • Peter Parkers IC x10
  • LBCs IC x10
  • Squat Jacks IC x10

Mosey to football field – hallelujahs, power skips, butt kicks, high knees, backwards run

The Thang

Wall Ball

Both sides of wall. Thrower, throws lacrosse ball then runs to other side of wall. However, if ball is caught, 5 merkins for thrower. If non-throwers miss or as it is said, “drop the ball,” 5 merkins for all non-throwers. Throwers rotate around wall in a counter-clockwise manner until YHC calls time and everyone has been the thrower. Made for good fun and literal “merkin mania.” 


Lights at each corner of the square and bucket of golf balls in middle. One person is runner while three others are doing mountain climbers until it’s their turn to run. Each runner will run 15 yards to the center, grab a ball, run back. This goes on until all golf balls are gone from bucket. At the end, each team counts all golf balls then multiplies by 20 and divides by 2 to give them their Team Burpee Count. Most 4-person teams did between 90-120 burpees.

Soccer drills with a light up soccer ball (whaaaaaat!)

2 on 1 drill – If defender blocks it or your 2-man team misses their shot 3 burpees; if you score defender gets 3 burpee penalty. All substitute players wait behind goal and do continuous side straddle hops or merkins. No PAX were injured in the making of this fun, although, soccer skills were a bit rusty. 

Indian Run to Lunge Lane where PAX would lunge. Count-o-rama to determine batting order for next game

Baseball field:

4 PAX at each base. 1 Pitcher, 1 Batter. Under hand pitching only with Tennis Balls and Aluminum Bat. Strikeout – everyone does 5 burpees

  • 1st base = merkins
  • 2nd base = flutter kicks
  • 3rd base = jump squats

When the ball is hit, all PAX advance a base for next exercise. Batter sprints to chase and retrieve his own ball after he hits, runs it back to pitchers mount and files in. On deck batter moves to pitcher and so, on. 


All in All, PAX had a great time, not even realizing the amount of burpees they had done. Moral, make a game out of it and you won’t notice the pain as much. 

F2 this Friday at Valley Smoke and F2 Sunday at Rock Climbing Gym with FUFIA ladies. 

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