Just a regular beatdown

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  • When: 11/29/2018
  • The PAX: Duck(R), Updraft (R), Toxic (R), The Barry Shinkoff (R), Drone, PUD, Feud, Heisenberg, RainMan (R) Mathelete, Jumanji

Temperature: 43*

Toxic – shorts (not in 30s yet).  Toxic came up to me and said ‘You look awful confident today’. I said. ‘No, not me’. He just laughed. What a great guy, Toxic.

We welcomed Duck from Augusta (who will soon be moving to Jacksonville), and welcomed back Mathelete and RainMan (2nd time,yeah!)

YHC was looking through the Exicon, only got through the A’s and and not very far!


  • Toysoldier – 15 IC


  • Abe vigoda – 15 IC, like a Don Q but slower..and due to complaints about speed and not being in sync

    5 burpees OYO

  • Michael Phelps 15 IC
  • Bac fwd 15 IC

    BAC bck 15 IC

  • Annie  – 15 per arm – plank position right arm in counter clockwise like waxing floor, the left clockwise

    Rocky balboa starting w/ right foot for some time 45 sec?

  • Rocky balboa starting w/ left foot for some time 45 sec?
  • ButKis 45 sec?

Mosey to front of library on San Jose for all to see. Lined up on curb facing road

  • Snuffy 15 IC – standing chinook w/ proud pickle
  • Monkey humper 15 IC
  • BBSU 15 OYO
  • WW1SU 15 OYO
  • crunchy frog 15 IC

Lunge walk down the sidewalk the length of library.

Got in a line based upon birth month. Took longer than 3 seconds.

Crabwalk fwd up the ramp around the entry area and back down.

Reversed order and bear crawled same path. Someone mentioned look out for the railing..

Moseyed to Playground

Paired up: per team 10 dead hang pullups per person, 20 Iron crosses per person

New pair: 20 booyah merkins, 10 high five burpees

Moseyed to pavilion.

  • Tempo squat 15 IC
  • Tempo dip 15 IC
  • Calf raised 20 IC
  • called upon Drone due to not being able to post, he chose Smurf Jacks 25 IC – there were a few comments about him already being in dwarf position.
  • called upon visitor Duck to bring something from Augusta. PAX mentioned golf. He chose 40 pickups, 20 per arm. Like a skater in which you reach down with arm..like a caddy picking up a ball: golf!
  • in honor of Leonard Fournette fight – boxer squats 20 OYO.
  • Vups 20 OYO

During our time at the Pavilion, Mathelete invited PAX to work out with him in New Orleans at the Superdome. Mentioned running the Murph with coach Payton on Memorial day who can do it in 42 minutes. Fun Fact by Mathelte – Coach Payton is still single, to which YHC commented that I don’t think anyone here is looking.

PAX chose 1 lap around or BBSU.

In honor of Lambo missing FG – Toy soldier 15 IC

In honor of Fournette suspension – 15 prisoner squat.

Mosey to flag.

Count o rama

Name o rama

Announcement: Trinity 2nd Friday, Heisenberg Charity trip to Jamaica, LIFO reverse advent calendar.

Prayers: BB/Alyssa, Drone/Courtney, Heisenberg


Pleasure, Gentlemen!



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