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  • When: 12/03/2018
  • QIC: Airbags
  • The PAX: Squeege (Respect), Papa Smurf (Double Respect), Pom Pom, Yard Sale (Respect), Happy Feet, Check Please, Kodak, Bullwinkle, Inside Out, Outhouse, Stitch, Terminator, Snaggle and Detour.

Go Ruck Day – That would be “Darius Go Ruckering Day.” (Tunes from Darius through entire workout)
14 PAX joined the QIC on a warm Monday “Badland’s” morning! Quite the temperature change from last week! Sometimes things just work out……December 3rd, or 12/3 (12+3=15) and 15 PAX in tact, so the number of the day was 15 of everything we did! The word of the day was HUMILITY! “No matter how good you are, or think you are, at something, there is always someone better!
*SSHs (15)
*Michael Phelps/Moroccan Nightclubs (15)
*LBCs (15)
*SSHs (15)
*Mountain Climbers (15)
*LBCs (15)
*SSHs (15)
*Hillbillies (15)
*LBCs (15)
*Mosey to football field.
*Partner up two lines facing each other.
*Seal Sit Ups (15) followed by Merkins. (15)
*Seal Sit Ups (15) followed by Hand Release Merkins. (15)
*Seal Sit Ups (15) followed by Diamond Merkins. (15)
*Seal Sit Ups (15) followed by Booyah! Merkins. (15)
*RUN to 50yd line, Mosey to opposite end zone.
*Repeat back to starting end zone.
*Mosey to Bear Crawl Hall Parking Lot.
*Partner up two lines facing each other.
*Prisoner Squats (15) followed by Groiners. (15)
*Prisoner Squats (15) followed by Donkey Kicks. (15)
*Prisoner Squats (15) followed by Plank Jacks. (15)
*Prisoner Squats (15) followed by Mountain Climbers. (15)
*Bear Crawl Hall
*Bear Crawl to light pole, lung to bleachers.
*QIC reminded PAX that we had a LATE ARRIVAL. Having given my word to a fellow Brother that there would be no Burpees today, I kept my word.
*25 Merkins. Plank
*15 Merkins. Plank
*20 Merkins. Recover. (Yes, 60 is divisible by 15)
*Bear Crawl to first light pole, Lunge out of Bear Crawl Hall.
*RUN to first light pole, Mosey to light pole on opposite side, RUN to bathrooms.
*Mosey back to flag.
*SSHs (15)
*LBCs (15)
*Merkins (15)
*Announcements & Prayer Requests.
*”HUMILITY is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking less ABOUT YOURSELF!
*”It is someone, who like Jesus, believes he has come NOT to be served, but TO SERVE!
*Great work men!

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