18 Points of Light

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  • When: 12/4/2018
  • QIC: McDreamy
  • The PAX: Osteen, Dollar Bill, Papa Smurf, Mr Yuk, Outhouse, Slash, Griswald

We lost our 41st president last week. George H.W. Bush. In 1990, Bush spearheaded the creation of the 1000 Points of Light Foundation, the goal of which was to promote private, non-governmental solutions to social problems. There are 18 street lights in Davis Park, We will visit each one in his honor; we will do our part in 18 Points of Light.


Warm Up

  • Imperial walker
  • Midget Wonder Bra
  • Air Jordan 10 oyo
  • Don Quixote
  • Merkins— tempo

Line up by birth month—Indian run to first light. 4 burpees— escalate by 1 to 8th light (11 burpees). Total 66. Penalty of 5 burpees if last guy doesn’t get to front of line.


Mosey to 2nd PL. 5 LBCs at 1st light. Skip to next light. Increase by 5 at each light. Total 105. Alternate skip with lunge and bearcrawl at each cycle.


Mosey to 1st PL. Partner up. 10 Mountain Climbers at 1st light. Count 1 leg. Leap frog to next light. Increase by 5. Total 100


Mosey to BC hall: Same partner: P1 does (MAVS)10 merkins 10 squats 10 AJs 10 VUps. P2 runs the concession loop. Each partner runs once.


COT/AN/PR/BOM— Are we a light to those around us? Do we bring encouragement? Hope? Or are we the burden that they must ‘manage’ or negotiate? Especially around the holidays… Let’s be that positive light and support to others we know we can be!


Peace out-



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