Happiness is a choice

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when : December 5, 2018

QIC:   Inside-out

the pax : Bada bing, squeege, Bullwinkle, Terminator, Papa smurf, blackout,  Snaggle, Kodak,  the FNG is tumble weed.

Warm a rama;   we did two short laps around the parking lot,  (15) LBAC, (15) LBAC backward, (15) SSH, (15) micheal Phelps, (15) don Quixote or windmill

The thang:

mosey to the back side of bear crawl alley and get a partner and each partner wheel barrel half way down…Once we got the bleachers laid on our back and spelled ABC with legs.   Also did 10x incline merkins, 10x decline merkins, 10x step up on the bleachers.

mosey to the parking lot and did four corners .    Divided into two groups  and ran 5 laps and stopped at each cone 5x  for  ( ten merkins) ( ten burpee) (20 squat) (20big boy sit-up)

after that we did 20 each leg curb kicks

mosey back to the circle for 20 LBC

Message for the day – happiness is a choice – Life is not perfect but we all have a chance , an opportunity or a right to embrace each new day to do many things.  We can decide to make it a great day , or we can simply squander it with pettiness , old grudges, or dwelling on past mistakes.

Count rama and Name rama.

Prayers and announcements.

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