Learning That Does Not Lead to Action Is Useless

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  • When: 12/06/2018
  • QIC: Papa Smurf

To be elite, it doesn’t take much really. Only 12% of adult Americans are metabolically  healthy, meaning that 88% of our population is either overweight, obese, or pre-diabetic…Want to lose weight? It takes one minute of burpees to burn 10 calories…so for every beer that you drink this holiday season, you’ll have to do 100 of your favorite exercise.

Warm Up

15 SSH

12 Michael Phelps

Downward Dog

12 Reachers

12 Hillbillies

The Thang

Cold weather led to a lot of fartsacking….excuses abound when it is 37 degrees and you don’t want to get out of bed… I know…so the elite showed up and represented the PAX. We left the Flag Pole, unsure of the kind of workout that might ensue..karaoke left…karaoke right….backwards…forwards….halt for the garbage truck…and continue on to the football field.

Once assembled, work began….merkin suicides at each lit cone 5 followed by a run backwards to the starting point. Then squat suicides running forwards both ways with 10 squats at each stop….we then moseyed to the wall and did a wall sit and the Q asked each man what he was grateful for….all were honest and open with their answers….then we moseyed back to the football field and did a four corner shuffle around the field…by this time, our feet were wet and cold but the spirit of the Pax was high…until we did 21’s in the endzone…Squats and LBC’s…..BULLWINKLE and BOOSHAY led the way and allowed us to finish our work relatively unscathed. before leaving, BOOSHAY threw in a hip flexor stretch that greatly benefited all the PAX.

Next we moseyed over to Bear Crawl Alley. Wild anticipation for Bear Crawls to the finish was muted by the idea of doing lunges and skips between the light poles…BOOSHAY leveraged his knowledge and had us to backward lunges…a refreshing change of pace and great for your balance….we skipped to the lou to the concession stand and did the maximum number of Burpees recommended by Royal Burpee….4…..finally, the PAX moseyed down past the outhouse and finished up the challenge.

Count O Rama

Name O Rama



Final thoughts before our closing prayer:

First, James 2:17…”in the same way, faith by itself if is not accompanied by action, is dead.”

Then, an excerpt from David Goggins new book…which you might want to  put on your Christmas list…

“We all have the potential to be so much more. Years ago, I was invited to be on a panel at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I’d never set foot in a university lecture hall as a student. I’d barely graduated high school, yet I was at one of the most prestigious institutions in the country to discuss mental toughness with a handful of others. At some point in the discussion, an esteemed MIT professor said that we each have genetic limitations. Hard ceilings. That there are some things we just can’t do no matter how mentally tough we are. When we hit our genetic ceiling, he said, mental toughness doesn’t enter into the equation.

Everyone in that room seemed to accept his version of reality because this senior, tenured professor was known for researching mental toughness. It was his life’s work. It was also a bunch of bullshit, and to me he was using science to let all of us off the hook.

I’d been quiet until then because I was surrounded by all these smart people, feeling stupid, but someone in the audience noticed the look on my face and asked if I agreed. And if you ask me a direct question, I won’t be shy.

There’s something to be said for living it instead of studying it, I said, then turned toward the professor. What you said is true for most people, but not 100 percent. There will always be the 1 percent of us who are willing to put in the work to defy the odds.”

BOOSHAY finally closed with a question…”what is the difference between a mentor and an advisor?” The mentor has already done it.

I think that all of the F3 men are cut of this cloth that defies conventional wisdom. Have a great day.


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