Go Forth and Delight!

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  • When: 12/10/2018
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Yard Sale (respect), Blackout (respect), Bada Bing (sympathy for his FSU fandom, though the Neon Deion high-stepping was pretty cool), Full Monty (dubious respect), Squeege (mucho respect), Zamboni (mucho respect), Zamboni's knee brace (respect), Crash (respect for putting the shingles in their rightful place), Terminator (respect for steadfast performance today, giving Bada a run for his money).

In his sporadic viewing of the ceremony surrounding the farewell to George H.W. Bush, YHC was touched by the words of George W. Bush. His father had lived a truly monumental life, but what seemed to resonate most with W. was something well within the grasp of us all — H.W.’s devotion to his wife, Barbara. Catalyzed by W.’s words, YHC shamelessly borrowed this morning from one of the wisest of the Badlanders (Bags, Air), who a few weeks ago beseached us to shower our brides with flowers. YHC put a different twist on that theme today, imploring the Pax to do something for their wives today — a chore, a favor, what have you; just something that will be unexpected and met with delight. Go forth and delight, Badlanders!

* Michael Phelps (so not in cadence)
* Progressive Arm Circles (small to big, big to small — something of a cadence)
* Side Planks (again, somewhat candential in nature)
* Merkins (serious cadence)

Nice little block party, incorporating Outhouse’s cinder blocks, with the fun and games including manmakers, tricep merkins, burpee block jumps, Full Monty’s gastro-intestinal fireworks, someone (Zamboni?!) throwing up in their mouth (not enough for a sidewalk splash), lots of recovery jogs, lots of mary, some good squat thrusts (and by good I mean sucky), and glute-firing goblet squats. Nice walk back to the flag with the coupons, with the indefatigable Bada Bing shoulder-pressing that increasingly-heavy bleeping cinder block the whole way. Namaste, Bada!

Prayers for Captain Gab and other needs unmentioned. Always a pleasure to serve as Q for a truly great group of guys. YHC… out!

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