A Token of Respect

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  • When: 12/19/2018
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Skim, Bada Bing, G-Train (what's left of him), Osteen, Full Monty (respect), McDreamy (respect), Papa Smurf (dubba respect), Schhhhnaggle, Terminator, Dolla Bill, Check Please!, Yard Sale (respect), Happy Feet, Kodak, Zamboni (respect), Squeege (respect), Outhouse.

At an F3 beatdown, the work itself is usually reward enough. But today, Badlanders dug deep and rewarded Gravy, aka, Gravy Train, aka, G-Train, for his life-changing loss of 122 pounds. Big shout-out to Bada Bing for organizing this and to the generous Badlanders who know a good thing when they see it.

Still working tonight so we’ll keep this to the bare necessities…

• Michael Phelps, Hillbilly, Dirty Dog
• Mosey around the parking lot to coupons

Catch Me If You Can: Everyone grab one coupon. Partner up.
• First leg: P1 takes his and his partner’s coupons and starts heading down the road toward Jessica Field. P1 does lunges with a side raise. P2 does 30 mountain climbers and runs to catch up to P1. Switch.
• Second leg: Stop at opening of second parking lot. P1 bear crawls toward the opening of third parking lot, while P2 does 10 couponerkins and 10 LBCs, then runs to P1. Switch.
• Third leg: Stop at opening of third parking lot. Pax grabs their own coupon, holds over head, and runs to the wall on Jessica Field.

Wall Exercises
• Pax splits up. For 30 seconds, P1 does 10 manmakers with cinder blocks / sand bags while P2 does wall exercises. Switch when first group done with the manmakers. Do five rounds, with a 10-count rest after each round. Wall exercises are:
o Balls to the Wall
o Legs-Up Sit-Ups
o Peter Perkins – bad idea
o Wall Sit
o Balls to the Wall

Burpee Buckets
• A timed event. 10 minutes. We start with a mandated 122 burpees, one burp for every pound that G-Train has obliterated.
• The pax remains paired up. Partners perform 10 iron crosses each. Then each pair grabs just one golf ball – one ball per team. They then wheelbarrow to their choice of boxes – a “minus 1” bucket, a “minus 2” bucket, and a “minus 3” bucket. The buckets are 20, 35 and 45 yards away, respectively. The Pax can trade off while wheelbarrowing. (Some good back-saving modifications mixed in along the way; good audibles, given the duration of the event.) They drop their golf balls in the box and run back, and repeat the process until either out of balls or time’s up. The pax clearly appreciated the value of the minus 3 bucket – one point for every 15 yards traveled, versus 1 point for every 20 yards traveled for bucket one and one point for every 17.5 yards traveled with bucket 2. Today, we ran out of time before we ran out of balls – boy, that’s a strange phrase to type – but the good news was, we accumulated more than 122 points, so… no burps!

Mosey back to the flag.

• Bada Bing presented G-Train with a show of respect from the Pax for his weight-loss effort. Truly inspiring; 122 pounds and counting. Great idea by Bada Bing.
• Lesson from G-Train’s weight loss: Your past is not your future. Whatever lies behind you, you can let go of. What are the habits and decisions that hold you back? What can you change that will help you avoid repeating the same patterns and achieving the same results? Reflect and assess, and make one good decision at a time.
• Prayers for Z’s father-in-law, his upcoming surgery; for those who feel a magnified pain of lost ones around the holidays; and thanks for being able to come out and make the most of the gifts we were given.

Always a pleasure and an honor to Q.


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