Cold Monday Morning with Pusher

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Genesis December 17, 2018

Q – Pusher 

Pax – Farrah and Farrah, Toxic, Twister 

  1. Warm up: each x10 Michael Phelps, reacher, arms circles forward and backward, wonder bra, up and over the hurdle, toy solider and hillbilly
  2. Football field cardio:  start at center of field to each of four end lines always facing south when you return to center of field do 5 burpees 
  3. Bench work. Box jumps, dips and calf raises – 25 seconds each no rest 5 rounds (6 minutes) 
  4. Stations 30 seconds on/ 8 sec rest (10 minutes)
Bench press  Side side running  Squats jacks 
Bicep curl Ski lunges  Bobby Hurley 
Cinder press Jump rope  Prisoner squats 
Kettle swing  Jump over log Smurf jacks 
Side lateral raises Speed Skaters  Squat jumps 
  1. Basketball court suicide sprint x1
  2. Abs: lbc x 25, flutter kick x 25 , American hammers x25, lbc x25 and American hammers x25
  3. Sally up squats 

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