Rain Soaked Saturday: 3 Brave Souls

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Date – Saturday December 15th Location – Boondocks 

Q – Pusher 

Pax – Fix It and Feud 

  1. Warm up – broken robot, toy soldier, hillbilly, reacher, baby arm circles forward and backward, wonder bra
  2. Run 4 sides of football field  (starting in middle of field run back and forth to each side of field always facing west with 5 burpees in middle of field after each run (music Journey – be good to yourself & anyway you want it)  
  3. Box jumps/calf raises / dips 35 seconds each for 4 rounds no rest in between rounds  (music skillet – Back from dead & undefeated) 
  4. Group of 3 – one pax runs route (run length of car pu line and back) while other pax performs exercises (music: high hopes, gotta love and Jesus freak)
300squats  225 lbc’s
150 merkins  75 burpees 
  1. Stations 30 seconds on/ 8 sec rest 5 stations (music : zone out by KB, undefeated by Tauren wells and Toby Mac )
Bench press  Side side running  Squats jacks 
Bicep curl Ski lunges  Bobby Hurley 
Cinder press Jump rope  Prisoner squats 
Kettle swing  Jump over log Smurf jacks 
Side lateral raises Speed Skaters  Squat jumps 
  1. Abs 
25 flutter 
25 lbc’s 
  1. Sally up squats (music flower by Moby)

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