Reindeer Names on Christmas Eve

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  • When: 12/24/18
  • QIC: Full Monty
  • The PAX: EQ, Airbags (respect), Pom Pom, McDreamy (respect), Dolla Bill, Check Please, Kodak, Gravy, Bada Bing, Zamboni (respect), Siagon Sam, Son of Sam (FNG)

YHC had to practically drag EQ out of the fartsack, but we finally made it to the Badlands on a brisk Christmas Eve morning.  When we arrived, I thought the AO had been hijacked, but quickly realized it was the FiA ladies circled around the flag pole.  As the PAX arrived they all wondered the same thing, but were quick to realize we had our own flag and we could circle up anywhere.



Don Quixote x 12 IC

Imperial Walkers x 12 IC

Hillibillies x 12 IC

LBAC f/b x 12 IC

Moroccan Night Club x 12 IC

Chinnooks  x 12 IC


The Thang

Mosey to curb

Rocky Balboas and Butkus x 30 sec each

Mosey to four corners…Santa’s reindeer…

Dasher – Dasher Dry Docks x 24

Dancer – Derkins x 24

Donner – Dips x 24

rinse and repeat  X 3

To field…

Prancer – Plank Jacks x 24

Comet – Circle Burp

Back to four corners

Blitzen – Bear Crawl

Cupid – Crawl Bear

To parking lot…partner up

Vixen – Vacuum Cleaners

Back to the field

Prancer – Plank Jacks x 24

Comet – Circle Burp

Mosey back to lot

On your 6…Freddy Mercuries, LBC’s

10 Christmas Burpees


Count o Rama

Name o Rama – welcomed FNG Son of Sam (Saigon Sam’s 2.0)

YHC shared about Christmas is a time for family and that is what F3 is all about…we need to be there for our families and be there for our brethren.  wished everyone a great Christmas.

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