New Year, New Slate

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  • When: 01/02/2019
  • QIC: Gravy
  • The PAX: Nugget (FNG-Andrew), Kodak, Airbags (respect!), Bulwinkle, Snooki, Skim, Bada Bing, Happy Feet

8 Pax, including 1 FNG, joined YHC in the gloom for the first bootcamp of the New Year. The Pax endured a lot today including putting up with my playlist to utilize the new bluetooth speaker YHC got for Christmas.

The theme of the day was New Year, New Slate. A new year means that we have a new opportunity to set and crush goals. It doesn’t matter what happened last year, but what matters is how we attack the new year. I have many goals this year and am excited to accomplish them with my F3 brothers.

I feel like we had a good workout today. Merlot was not splashed, but we were close.


All done in cadence, with various counts:

Michael Phelps
Little baby arm circles- forward and backward
The Reacher
Toy Soldier

The Thang

Mosey to the first parking lot

3 rounds of Parking lot suicides. Each round involved a different exercise. Island one- 10 reps at island and back at line. Island 2- 20 reps at island and back at line. Third island- 30 reps at island and back at line.

Round 1: Merkins ( a total of 120 merkins).

As a rest, we did two rounds of the circle of burpees (about 17 burpees total)

Round 2: Squats ( a total of 120 squats)

As a rest, we did a bear crawl circle. Which YHC jumped the gun on and skipped some people.

Round 3: LBCs (a total of 120 LBCs)

As a rest, we did a Guantanimo Bay. Which, again, YHC jumped the gun on. I had a rough day listening to instructions.

Next we moseyed the benches (after bear crawling and lunging there) to do some bench work.

Done in reps of 30/20/10
-Step ups

Mosey to flag to close out with 30 seconds of flutter kicks, 30 seconds of bicycles, and a Lindsay Lohan to boot.

We welcomed FNG Nugget. Strong work out there man!

Announcements- See slack for the next F2 gatherings.
Prayers- Those on IR, the Pool Party, and our leadership and growth as men.

Thanks for allowing me to lead you men. Love you guys.

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