Another Early Aching Monday

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Location Genesis 

Date: 1-6-9

Q – Pusher ( Scott Dedrick)

PAX – Heisenberg, Toxic, Farrah-n-Farrah and Mathlete 

  1. Warm up 
Broken robot  Reacher
Hurdles  Toy solider 
The hillbilly  Arm circles 
10 merkins  10 squat jumps 
  1. Football Field: Run to 4 marked corners of field perform 3 burpees at each corner for lap #1, 2 burpees at each corner for lap #2 and 1 burpee at each corner for lap #3 (24 total burpees) 
  2. Pavilion using benches: 2019 derkin and dips- 20 second derkin followed by 19 second dips for five rounds. No rest in between rounds 
  3. Pavilion: Aching legs: 20 of each. Froggie up’s, squats, box jumps, iron mikes , smurf jacks
  4. Parking lot: Weight/cardio/legs Stations            30 seconds of each exercise followed by 8 sec rest (total time 10 minutes)
Bench press w/25’s Side side running  Squats 
Bicep curl w/ 15’s Ski lunges  Bobby Hurley 
Cinder block press Jump rope  Prisoner squats 
Kettle bell swing  Jump over log Smurf jacks 
Side lateral raises with two water containers  Speed Skaters  Squat jumps 
  1. Basketball court:Aching abs 
50 lbc’s  Suicide sprint 
40 flutter kicks  Suicide sprint 
30 American hammers  Suicide sprint 
20 birth canals  Suicide sprint 
10 big boy sit ups  Suicide sprint 
  1. Basketball court: “Sally up “ SQUATS 

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