1% Better every day

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  • When: 1/8/2019
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Heisenberg, Duck (double R), Snuffy-R, LIFO, Mathlete, Seardown, Pud, Jumanji, Fued, Gekko, Xenu -R, Boucher-R, Barry Shinkoff-R, Bowzer-R

It’s been quite sometime since YHC attended Anthill  much less taking the helm as Q.  Prompted by Bigbird’s urging for others to jump in the fray I decided to take a go at it. Oddly enough hewas nowhere in sight.

Warm up

SSH ic x 15

1 burpee

Reachers x 10

2 burpees

LBACF x 15

3 burpees

LBACB x 15

4 burpees

something else

5 burpees

Calf raises

1 burpees

The Thang

The whole mass of humanity that was us did a slow mosey towards heartbreak hotel stopping at the railroad tracks to honor the San Marco train with 20 glorious monkey humpers.

Once we reached the second to the last floor of heartbreak hotel ( after we broke a few laws ignoring caution tape)  The Pax  found a little place of floor space to work on some timed exercises.  Each was given a piece of chalk to capture their set reps.  YHC still harbors a slight GRUDGE at whoever wrote “Bowzer is a girl”  whilst he wasn’t looking.

3 sets of the following, each set consists of AMRAP for 30 seconds:




After each set the PAX sprinted , jogged , walked and/or traversed to the far end of the parking garage to touch the red door and return. Due to YHC’s failing eyesight the red door wasn’t really a door at all but a red wall interrupted by 2 elevator doors.   Due to time constraints we missed out on the three sets of bear crawls and the three sets of crab walks. Perhaps those will be for another time?

Happily we all gathered together in mosey back to the AO and paid tribute to the train with 10 burpees and a quick tango with Mary.


YHC reflected on a couple of books read in the last year that had an impact on me. “Can’t hurt me“ by David Goggins is a powerful lesson and reaching your limits and going past them. Mentally, physically and spiritually  we have to first win the battle in our mind! “Atomic habits“ by James Clear taught me that I only have to be one percent better than I was yesterday consistently and over time I will make vast strides in my goals.  This year I want to get better as a husband, as a father, and in my fitness goals. Someone once told me a long time ago you will be the same person you are next year with the exception of two things, 1. the people you associate with and 2. the books that you read.

I can say with unwavering certainty that hanging out with the awesome guys of F3 has made me a better person!


Prayers for Heisenberg’s job quest!

Bowzer out!

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