Spot Check

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  • When: 01/10/19
  • QIC: Bada Bing
  • The PAX: McDreamy (respect), Blackout (respect), Inside Out, Yard Sale (respect), Snooki, Gravy (down 131lbs), GNC, Show and Tell, Mr. Yuck, Zamboni (respect), Crash, Boucher (respect)

Spot Check! That was the phrase of the day. All men can use a little accountability in their lives whether they like it or not. YHC had previously paged back through Freed to Lead this week and remembered that there is something called the Sadclown. The Sadclown is what many of us were before we found F3. We were in that middle-third of our lives where you have responsibilities, pressure and struggle to find meaning. Yes, some of us were good to “Pogo” around for a while but ultimately discontent, smiling on the outside but sad on the inside. YHC was happy to share this message with the 13 PAX that posted in the chilly Florida gloom and on Slack…“Are you going to be the kind of man that says screw the easy way…To hell with what culture says…Don’t slow down, speed up…Follow me, Im taking the hard path…You other guys take the easy way, in fact you probably should. The rest of you, the one-in-two thousand guys, you come with me. We’ve got to get after it!” ~Freed to Lead.

Unfortunately, no one took YHC up on the tank top challenge so YHC kept his tank top to himself. We did get to enjoy some burpee festivities today on behalf of Crash’s birthday and GNC’s tardiness. We thank you both for helping us get better at being uncomfortable. DISCLAIMER was given. YHC is not a professional but did have a question for the PAX…and maybe some answers. 

Can the PAX tell me the F3 Credo? Blackout responds, “Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him” …Great, so how does this work exactly? The Spot Check! What is a Spot Check? 

Spot checking yourself and the men around you is extremely important! Yes this happens often during a workout, but there are lots of times in life when we don’t have the time to make sure the people around us, and ourselves most importantly, are staying dialed in. We can all get a little sloppy, lazy and complacent. If a man in this circle knows there is a possibility of being spot checked at any time, he starts keeping his shit wired tight at all times. A spot check can apply to many areas in your life. Keeping yourself and others on their toes is critical to keeping and maintaining the upper hand over complacency, tempatation and sadclowness. Next time you feel someone in this circle is slipping, including yourself, spot check them! (as said best by David Goggins)

  • Chinook
  • Hillbillies
  • Michael Phelps
  • SSH IC
  • 3 Burpees
  • 1 sprint to the outhouse and back
  • Seal Jacks IC
  • 3 Burpees
  • 1 sprint to the outhouse and back
  • Plank Jacks
  • 3 Burpees
  • 1 sprint to the outhouse

The Thangs

Bollard Bear Crawl …or Duck Walk (shoulders must stay low and below bollards)

Indian run to the church

Group up for Aiken Legs (Between exercised the PAX must run all the way around the church causeway one + one-quarter times before starting next station) 

  • 20 Jump Squats, 20 Iron Mikes, 20 Air Jordans, 20 Prisoner Squats

Group up for The Middle Third – It’s the middle third where we decide what kind of man we are going to be! 

  • Max pull-ups (3 sets at 20 seconds AMRAP) – Other PAX do squats and hold their brother accountable on reps.
  • Max VO2 Sprints (3 sets of 100 meter sprints with 7 sec rest)
  • Max push-ups in 20 seconds (3 sets with 7 sec rest)

Group up for Bearmuda Triangle

  • 3 markers ~30yds apart in shape of a triangle. Pax performs one burpee at first marker and bear crawls to 2nd marker, 2 burpees and bear crawl to 3rd marker, 3 burpees and bear crawl back to 1st marker. Rinse and Repeat x 3.

2 lines for Bataan Death March – 10 Mountain Climber Indian Run back to circle

AYG at the gate of Davis Park back to the flagpole

Dodecahedron Dice – One roll by Zamboni to wrap up – 20 Merkins (Mummblechatter as if we hadn’t already done enough Merkins)


 “Watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Spot Check!

It’s been said that if you make the workout hard, they will return.

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