The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

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F3 Credo – Leave no man behind but leave no man where you found him.

Here’s a scary stat. 92% of New Year’s goals fail by January 15th!

The world’s most successful people agree that what you “get” by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become in the process.

Don’t become the 92%

2018 Wrap Up

Workouts throughout the week: 13 different workouts at your disposal *not to mention the extra credit with doubling down at dolly on a few of those days

AO’s: 7 locations currently in the area where we go to post

125: that’s how many pounds Gravy has lost since joining F3. And still counting. And all it took was an invite from Bada Bing.

We launched a new AO in Julington Creek called BoonDocks. Celebrated 3 years of the launch in Jax and 1 year at the Badlands. Many pax participated in the Spartan Super and some even completed the Trifecta. 15 pax representing Duuuval fielding 4 teams at the MudRun in South Carolina. Many other CSAUP events like the River Run, GoRuck, Terrain Race, Turkey Trot, etc. Let’s keep it going in the new year.

What are you training for in 2019?

I know we all want to be the best we can be “just in case”. In case I may have to save my family or a loved one from a burning house. In case my neighbor needs a helping hand from fallen trees from a hurricane. In case I’m called on for some event that we never know can happen at a moments notice. In case I need to save my own life. Check out this guy’s story here:


Last year numerous pax participated in CSAUP events. These give us something to train for and have a goal to set our eyes on.

For 2019 here are a few already on the calendar.
*GoRuck 50 miles in 15 days: Jan 1-15
*1000 Mile Challenge: began in Jan
*Spartan Super & Sprint: February
*Gate River Run: March
*GoRuck Light: June
*MudRun in SC: TBA

Maybe 2 or 3 events for the year that the entire Jax Pax can commit to do together. Gate River Run? GoRuck Light? What other events are we interested in doing? Let’s also get some CONVERGENCE workouts on the schedule for the year. Who is going to step up as the CSAUP Q or Co-Qs to head these events?

Other Challenges —
*250 Club: complete 250 workouts for the year to be part of this group. Maybe even a Pyro special t-shirt for all who complete.
*F3 Jax DogTag: complete the following – Q 5 workouts (including BackBlasts), Complete a CSAUP, EH at least 2 SadClowns to post
*EH Poker Chip: bring 5 guys to a workout
*Let’s hear those Ideas?


Currently two locations in town. TClaps to Eileen and McDreamy for taking charge of this National push to meet and discuss weekly on how to become better!
Thursday post BOHICA – meet at Panera Bread in Hendricks Avenue
Saturday post Poseidon – meet at Panera Bread on 3rd Street


How else can I get better?
*Freed to Lead – if you haven’t read it, get yourself a copy. Lend your copy to some of the new pax (great positive reinforcement at no additional cost). If you have read it, read it again!
*43 Feet Podcast with co-founder Dredd and Dark Helmet
*SoundCloud – F3 Round Table Discussions
*More 3rd F opportunities? Currently the 3rd Friday of the month serving the hungry, homeless and needy at Trinity Rescue Mission in downtown. Current 3F Q is LIFO
*2nd F – stay connected with your brethren
Current 2F Qs are Heisenberg and PomPom
Badlands Q1 calendar for already scheduled upcoming lunches and happy hours. Great idea!

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

*Yard Signs for our Saturday AOs. Think of the F3 business card expanded into a sign that we can place next to the flag and passers by can get more info about F3.
*Social Media like NextDoor. We currently use Twitter and Facebook. What else? Email and text examples so you guys can just cut and paste to all your friends who are just needing that nudge to come out.
*Men’s Fitness article. How are you guys positioning this? Digital version that you can email out.
*”We are F3” – I think it would be great if we could have a member spotlight video clip or success stories of sorts. Gravy could be a good one to start with. If anyone has an StarTrek video making skills, let’s create a template and hopefully get something going. We can post on our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
*FIA (Females In Action) – Badlands has a group that meets a few times a week. More expansion into town? Is there enough interest?

AO Site Qs
Genesis: Heisenberg
Kessel: BigBird and PUD
Badlands: McDreamy
Anthill: Xenu
TACMO: Biiiiing
Stampede: ?
Anchor: Pyro
Poseidon: McDreamy
Boondocks: Twister and Feud

These guys are responsible for getting pax to sign up to Q. Also making sure that the Shovel Flag is always at the workout and helping FNGs get connected when they post (i.e., email, Slack, etc). Do we need to change any of these up?  We can always tweak and change at any time. But let’s commit for at least 6 months through to June.


*Looking at expansion at the Poseidon location with a trial midweek beatdown with Pool Party on Wednesday’s at 0530 – McDreamy
*Oak Leaf Launch in June/July – BigBird
*Where else? If you build it, they will come.

It’s all about the EH. I believe more locations will come as we continue to get the word out with FNGs. We are the cure for Sad Clown syndrome.

FNG Corner

-Welcome email with more info and details (schedule, locations, exicon, lexicon, F3 Jax and F3 Nation websites, etc).
-Freed to Lead book (get them a copy)
-AO Site Q making sure we get contact information to add them to Slack and get them on the contact spreadsheet
-encouraging them to continue to post
-getting them to step up and Q a workout
-get them on Sign Up Genius
-Login for F3 Jax website for Back Blasts

Looking forward to an Amazing 2019 with you guys!

Honored & Privileged,

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