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  • When: 1/24/19
  • QIC: McDreamy
  • The PAX: Full Monte, Bada Bing, Cookie, Terminator, Dollar Bill, Kodak, Gravy, Papa Smurf, Show/ Tell

Welcoming themorning’s downpour as nothing more than a ‘cooling mist’, 10 brave souls united under the Badlands flag. General dispersions were cast in the direction of the collective fartsackers who clearly feared that excess moisture from the skies might cause their makeup to run… Special props to Terminator, who brought his brother from ATL, and our beloved Bada who showed skinless (he was also rumored to be wearing ranger panties… but this could neither be confirmed nor denied). YHC asked them men (some would say in an intrusive and taunting fashion, complete with finger-in-the chest pointing)…ARE YOU IN??


Warm up

Lap around PL

Squat Jax

Imperial walker

Birth canal

Limp member


Mosey to ball field fence…


‘Conveyor Belt’:

Each man gets a fence rectangle— does 5 merkins and leaps over. Repeat. First man does 10 and sprints to end of line, yelling SHIFT!, then everyone shifts up one box. Continue until first man gets to front of line again. Quick math = 100 merkins each


To concession stand—



Partner up around concession stand. Both men are bearcrawling, crabwalking, and lunging in opposite directions around the stand in 3 rounds. 5 booyah merkins when they meet.


Partner wheel barrow to field house. Half way each.


Bleecher Creature

 25 ‘benchkins’, 25 dips then sprint up field house stairs. Carefully… in the pouring rain and lightning.  Repeat 3x


Four Corners

on baseball field: divide into 4ths. B1 is Bobby Hurley’s, B2 is prisoner squats, B3 Hand release merkins, Home is LBCs.  20-15-10-5. Run anyway between bases except forward.


Sprint across baseball field and back to flag with a brief stop at the Outhouse. Because he fartsacked this morning, we had to do 5 meat flappers as penance.


Mosey back/ BOM


The message: 25% of new year’s resolutions are forfeited by February 1st

In 1519, Cortez launched an expedition from Spain to Veracruz Mexico. Upon arrival, Cortés’ men became weary and scared, with hopes of turning back home to their old life. Cortez had the men burn their ships, leaving no option but to press on! Have you burned your ship of comfort and complacency? ARE YOU IN? If not, now’s the time!

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