Goodlands Family Home Cooked Barbecue

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  • When: 1/23/2019
  • QIC: PomPom
  • The PAX: Happy Feet, Snookie, Kodak, Slash (respect), Dollar Bill, Airbags (Respect), Bada Bing, Flow, Terminator

Warm up:
Burpee in Cadence
Hula Girl
Hula Knee
Mosey to 2nd Lot
Welcome to the Goodlands Family Home Cooked Barbecue
Partner up: Have each Clydesdale partner w a Fasthole.
Each pair works as a team and runs opposite directions around outside of parking lot.  Where each team meets they drop and do “Meat Flippers” (quite simply a suckier version of the burpee).  Meat Flipper reps go up and down the ladder 20, 25, 30, 25, 20 as a team.  Example: One member may get 8 reps in the time the other partner gets 12. Pair continue to run opposite directions for all five set.
Meat Flipper: Do a full burpee and once you bring your feet back up to your hands you lay down until your back and shoulder blades are flat on the ground. Then you sit up and get back to the starting standing position.  That is one full rep.
2nd Exercise we replaced “meat flippers” with  Merkins with an emphasis on Quality Slow & Controlled all the way up & down.  The Ladder reps 20, 30, 40, 30, 20.
You can’t rush a perfectly cooked hunk of meat.  It takes time and patience to yield the desired deliciousness.
The next 4 exercises we emphasized Slow Controlled Reps
1. Pom Pom lunges.  Lunge way out with Ankle past the knee and slowly bring opposite elbow to your ankle.
2. The Centipede:  From standing position bend over legs straight to hands flat on the ground. Then walk you hands out as far as you can.  If you are Bada Bing that means you are basically full extended not letting anything touch the ground but your hands and toes and you can barely roll a marble underneath you.  Then walk your feet up to your hands.  Repeat for a total of 10 reps.
3. Slow Roast Merkins or Slerkins:
10 Count negative merkins. Each pax takes turns counting down from 10 as we slowly lower to ground and pop up to plank when the count gets to 1.
4. Slow Roast Windshield wipers.
Same counting style.
We focus so much on creating great results and often neglect the small daily disciplines that in time render the greatest results.
Prayers for Squeege

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