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Feb 16th  2019 at Boondocks 

Q – Pusher 

Pax -Eileen ,Hit run ,50 cent ,Cool breeze , Breakfast club ,Texas tea, butcher, Fix it, FNG Emmitt now known as “Freebie 3”

  1. Warm up
Side straddle hop Broken robot 
Hurdles  Reacher
Hillbilly  Wonder bra 
Wax on / off  10 merkins 
  1. Hills:  run forward / backward over hill, 5-4-3-2-1-0 burpees total 15 burpees and up and over hill 6 times  
  2. Curbside work:  20 seconds each 4 rounds:  1)step up / down 2) dips and 3) calf raises 
  3. Aching legs 20 Reps each exercise 
Froggie ups  Squats
Step ups or box jumps  Ski lunges 
Smurf’s jacks 
  1. More Core: 20 seconds per (repeat)
Lbc’s  Merkins 
Mountain climbers  Plano shoulder tap
Flutter kick  Plank 
  1. Stations: cardio-squats and weights (45 seconds each/8 second rest)
Bench press  Side side running  Squats jacks 
Bicep curl Ski lunges  Bobby Hurley 
Cinder press Jump rope  Prisoner squats 
Kettle swing  Jump over log Smurf jacks 
Side lateral raises Speed Skaters  Squat jumps 
  1. Basketball court:  Suicide sprint followed by 10 merkins (repeat )
  2. Sally up squats 

Prayer requests : Eileen niece father law funeral, 50 cent sons decision week on college admission and Pushers son Connor adenoids surgery Friday 

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