Snuffy’s trunk

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  • When: 01/29/2019
  • QIC: Jumanji
  • The PAX: Heisenberg, Pyro, Feud, Pud, Septum, Traf, Barry Shinkov, Synapse, Who'sya, Snuffy, Eileen, Bing, and maybe some others

12ish PAX showed up to marvel at the majesty of Snuffy’s trunk and were not disappointed. [Disclaimer- this backblast and workout have nothing to do with Snuffy’s trunk, but my communications training has taught me that by making vague sexual references, more people read things]. Big Bird laid in his birthday suit in the fartsack and LIFO took a rare break. SeatDown and Drone were having a slumber party again, thus unavailable. I would guess around 0530 that they were in their sleeping bags discussing Star Wars and missing Disco. Eileen gets hurt anytime YHC has the Q, but maybe this time he won’t be in a walking boot for 19 months. Synapse still makes the best noises in the region, at least until Hollywood escapes from domestic life or boxing training or art camp or wherever the hell he’s been. Heisenberg’s tights make YHC angry because Heisenberg is wearing them. Pyro is still pretty, especially with his new legs that are lacking the old lady veins. Septum still seems to be trying out F3 even though he’s been coming for like 2 years, he’s fast. Bing has the best gear in the region, but has never achieved a full squat. Pud eats burritos and whiskey for every meal and is built like a brick shit-house. Barry is just awesome. Feud has evolved from a dude who couldn’t run a mile without dying and twisting his ankle into a rather bad mutha. There are some newer men I don’t know well enough to make fun of yet, but it will come. That is all the observations YHC has to offer. I kid because I love.


  • 2 laps around the parking lot
  • 5 SSH in cadence
  • 10 Burp and Merks

Run to the Heartbreak Hotel, 10 Jump and Merks at the traintracks

At Heartbreak-

  • Up and down the steps
  • Bunny-hop back up the steps

At the top of the deck-

  • 11s with V-Ups and LBCs, jog down the ramp and run backwards up; YHC got bored by about the mid-point so we ceased to do…
  • 11s with Iron Mikes and Prisoner squats, jog down the ramp and ‘sprint’ back up

Run home with ‘tag the 6 suicides’

COT/BOM- Let’s focus prayers on OTC and Ashley, as her cancer has moved into the pain management stage. For those of you that don’t know OTC- he is a JAX 1% (meaning he was there at the start) and was instrumental in keeping F3JAX alive and growing in the early days. He was also the originator of BOHICA for our Thursday workout and along with Big Bird on the first Jax MudRun Team. An ex-marine and all around salty dude, he exemplifies the F3 spirit. We got softer the day he was no longer able to post. I try to throw around some profanity and anger, but it just feels plastic and weak compared to his.

Core Value for January:

We are prepared for the shit to come.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Abraham Lincoln

Take a minute to think about what tree you’re trying to cut down (emotional, physical, spiritual, work, family, bad habits, etc.) and how sharp your axe is. If you have been swinging away with a dull axe, you may want to step back from that tree and spend some time doing the work to get it sharp.

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