Sharpen yo axe

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  • When: 01/31/2019
  • QIC: Jumanji
  • The PAX: Snaggle, Zamboner, Bull, Show and Tell, McDreamy, Airbags, Inside Out, Papa Smurf, Full Monty, Jumanji, Outhouse, Griswold, Bada Bing, Check Please, Dolla Bill

15 PAX braved the cold and tested the sharpness of their axe.


  • Jog around the island
  • SSH IC
  • Outhouses IC
  • 15 burpees for lateness thanks to Clark W Griswold

Fitness Test:

  • 10 minutes of burpees (competition style)
  • 1 minute of merkins (touch chest to partner’s fist)
  • 1 minute of BB situps (partner hold feet, elbows to knees, lower shoulder blades hit the ground)
  • Pull-ups to failure (pull-ups, not f-ing chin-ups, Crossfit style with kipping permitted)

A few gassers to end the party.


It has been over a year since YHC posted at Badlands and it is inspiring to see the growth in 1st and 2nd Fs. Having been there at the plant and following weeks, most PAX were barely making it through the workouts and now YHC realizes he struggles to keep up. Which brought to mind a warning about the plateau. After a year or two of posting, it is easy to plateau in the 1st F- to cruise through workouts without really pushing yourself or challenging yourself like you did during the beginning. It is also easy for an AO or region to plateau as they grow comfortable seeing the same familiar faces and doing the same familiar workouts. The routine on the plateau deceives us into believing we have made it, that we are there, until you look up and still see the mountain above you. So check that fitness test in a month or two and see if your climbing up that mountain or if you’re resting on the plateau. YHC is at the same place he was two years ago. February begins tomorrow and the core value is appropriate. “We love our brothers enough to hold them accountable.” So if you see someone costing along on the plateau, love them enough to call them out, and get back to climbing the mountain together.

Sharpen the axe.

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