All About Me

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  • When: 02/06/2019
  • QIC: Wahoo
  • The PAX: PapaSmurf, Wrangler, Griswold, InsideOut, Skyline (FNG- Welcome), ToneDeaf, Show+Tell, McDreamy

Nine men got better today under great conditions at the Pool Party.  Everything was moving along swimmingly until Wrangler dropped into the pool and forced some burpees.  We welcomed an FNG (Skyline) who might give Osteen and Pyro a run for their money.  Joking aside- today was literally all about me.  If you read ‘Freed to Lead’, there is a part in the book about why guys show up and post in the gloomy hours of the morning.  The answer is that they post for the next guy, the man who has yet to discover F3, the guy who needs all or just a little of what F3 brings to the table (fitness and fellowship and faith and mental clarity….).  True confession – I was that guy who needed F3 today.   A few weeks ago I got into a fight with a ladder, lost the fight and walked away with a minor injury.  Physically I knew I’d get better soon but the waiting really took a toll on my mental state.  I felt like I was on a hamster wheel and living the Groundhog day movie.   I was angry, impatient,  petulant (this one is for Slash) and mostly just stuck in the gloom.  Both McDreamy and Smurf offered to give me an out on the Q which would have yielded more time for my pity party.  I knew I had to Q just to force myself to post.  So- today was for me gents and I’m thankful for the other eight who came along for the ride.


1- Warmup in the big bowl- SSH, Burpees, Imperial Walkers, Don Qs

2- Outhouse leg mania-3 rounds – box jumps, smurfjacks, skaters, bobby hurleys

3- Ab work on field – hellodolly, bigboys, Wrangler 100s (really 57s)

4- Various 19 count exercises followed by 100 yard sprint + 100 yard jog return

5- Aces- merkins + lbcs


Prayers for Squeege, Bada’s family, Ian (SJP) and marriages/relationships.  F2 Lunch today at Metro (I’ll miss but someone needs to have the Vortex burger and post a pic for SandCrab).


Peace.  Wahoo.


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