Bing’s Landing Strip

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9 PAX who had visions of a leisurely stroll at TACMO were startled at the site of Bing’s new landing strip. Which, by the way, was a suprising shade of yellow. Despite this distraction, the workout began. Three Fastholes, Heisenberg, Bigbird and Bing took of under the safety of the still brightly glowing strip while one Clydesdale, Snuffy (R last COT before Double Respect) decided to run circles around the rucking group. Meanwhile, five Ruckers, YHC (Flounder), Pyro, Xenu (R), Barry Shinkoff (R) and Gekko (R) got busy in an effort to forever erase the vision from their now damaged eyes.

In support of the February GoRuck challenge the goal was to get 1 mile under our belts combined with a nice workout.

Ruck along the River to the flag.
20 squats with pack out front oyo
10 merkins with pack in back oyo

Ruck to Charthouse with packs held overhead
20 front press squats oyo

Ruck to School Board with packs on chest
lunge to end of riverwalk

Ruck back to flag
20 flutter kicks with pack held straight up. Count one leg oyo
20 overhead presses with pack oyo

Ruck back to fountain with a quick detour to find Barry Shinkoff’s phone.
12 squats 2 OH presses
10 squats 4 OH presses

COT – prayers for OTC and his M and their family. Prayers for Bowser’s M. Prayers for Snuffy’s M. Praise for Heisenberg’s new job.

YHC reminded that in trusting in God and worrying about something naturally oppose each other. To truly trust in God and release means to also release the worry.

Close in Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

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