These PAX won’t get knocked down

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  • When: 02/07/2019
  • The PAX: Feud, Boucher - R, Toxic - DR, Snuffy - DR (today), Duck - DR, Gekko - R, Pud, Pyro, Heisenberg, Updraft - R


YHC had this idea a few months back and finally got around to do it. I wanted to utilize music. One song. Just. One. Song.

On this nice February morning, the PAX gathered and they knew there would be no running.


  • wonderbra 15 ic
  • Michael Phelps 15 ic
  • Reacher 15 ic – YHC got in starting position for Don Q, so self imposed 1 burpee penalty.
  • Merkins 7 ic

Out came the Speaker.

The Thang:

The next 6, yes you read that right, 6 exercises were done to the music of Chumbawumba’s song Tubthumping. The first exercise is done the entire song except when he say’s ‘I get knocked down’ the second exercise is done. The song is about 4:40.

  • round 1 – Hillbilly’/burpees – and over 4 minutes of Hillbilly’s really does suck
  • round 2 – high plank/ mahktar n’daiye – during this one Boucher proclaimed vast knowledge of Right Said Fred.
  • round 3 – chinook/ bobby hurley – all pax looked in unison during the bobby hurley’s

Moseyed to basketball court

  • round 4 – monkey humpers/groiners – this was worse than round 1 and mumblechatter ceased here.
  • round 5 – flutter kicks / v-ups
  • round 6 – calf raised / jump squats.

Few minutes of Mary

  • pretzel crunch L – 10 ic
  • pretzel crunch R – 11 ic
  • lbc  – 15 ic
  • boxcutter – 15 ic

tempo merkins 10 ic

Moseyed to playground

5 dead hang pullups.

Lined up on sidewalk and performed a new exercise developed by Heisenberg, not really named yet

Air chair w/ lbac fwd 15 ic

Then air chair w/ lbac fwd while duckwalking halfway around playground and to get back to start. Imperial squat walkers.

Moseyed to flag.


YHC had heard that many people pass during the holiday from a former funeral worker. I have known 5 people that passed just this season. Many people are going through tough times and we will be the for them. Sometimes it can be as simple as a ‘Hi’ or buying a cup of coffee.

Prayers to Updrafts son and Heisenberg’s aunt, along with OTC and family.

Happy Birthday Snuffy! Double Respect.

Until next time..if you get knocked down get up again!







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