Be Prepared, For Whatever!

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  • When: 02/09/2019
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: FarrahNFarrah(Rx2) Feud, Eileen(R), 50cent, Updraft(R), Regerts(FNG), Alcatraz(FNG), Boink, Pusher, Culpepper(R), Shutdown.

YHC, has a QSource mentality and just reviewed “Preparedness” so we are going to put that in action today.

Conditions: Florida Winter=Perf!

Warm-o-Rama All IC x15


Michael Phelps



Little Baby Arm Circles Forward


The Thang:

Always be prepared is a motto for so many organizations and clubs but are we truly anticipating and preparing?

So as an exercise, and a readiness drill, whenever the whistle is blown, YHC calls out a PAX and he leads an exercise of his choice.

Mosey to Wall. Eileen is called when whistle blows. LBC’s

Wall sit drill. Partner up. Partner A wall sits while B bear crawls to the fence and back. X3

Mosey back to field.

New Partners

Both run around specified area in opposite directions and when you meet, perform said exercise.

Lap 1 Booya Merkins x20

Lap 2 Iron Crosses x100(50 each)

Lap 3 Pretzel Crunches x20 (each side)


Split into 2 opposing lines for RED ROVER

Sprint to the other side while PAX are performing exercises

Bobby Hurleys

Mountain Climbers

More Whistles blown but I don’t remember the order so, we did some merkins, monkey jumpers, SSHs.


Then, Ultimate Football!!!!

Different twists, can only advance running backwards, or sideways.


Birth canals, back scratchers, pretzel crunches right side only(because life isn’t always balanced)


Preparedness, Get RIGHT, Live RIGHT, Lead RIGHT, Leave RIGHT.

Love is the accelerant of Preparedness.

I was NOT prepared to be out of a job after 20yrs with the same company.  I had to re-learn a whole lot of new systems, resume’ stuff, and social media platforms.  I had prepared for only one component of this adventure, my faith.  I knew that God had a plan for me and He was not going to let me down.  I have trusted the Lord with many things in my life and knew that He is faithful.  I urge you to do the same.

Priviledged to lead,





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