To covet or not to covet?

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  • When: 02/11/2019
  • QIC: Check Please
  • The PAX: McDreamy (Respect), full Monty (Respect), Airbags (Respect), Saigon Sam (Respect), dollar bill, snaggle, show and tell, snookie, yard sale (Respect), blackout (Respect) Zamboni (Respect), Pom Pom, Bada Bing, GNC, Mr yuck, outhouse, Rudy, flow, terminator

20 men, including YHC, came out to the Badlands this morning in a warm but rainy and gloomy environment. YHC had something on his mind that he wanted to share with the PAX. It revolved around the idea of coveting. Coveting leads to a selfish mindset that leads to envy and eventually to more sin. God thought so much of coveting and it being a sin that he made it one of the 10 commandments. Coveting is a sin of inwardness and is in the heart and mind, which is different from what we as a society normally think of as a sin. We see sin as an outward act that can be measured and quantified in the form of murder, stealing, adultery etc. Coveting cannot be measured as its inward and in the heart and mind and if it continues to take root there it can lead to envy and additional sin. Coveting maybe the worst sin of all. YHC asks what do we do about? We can try and fix this Coventry by being content with what you have and being happy with the friends, family, and F3 brothers in your life. You could also decide to be more generous with your time, money, efforts with your kids and family. Coveting may also be fixed with faith. One of the pillars of F3, faith, can be used to combat coveting. Get into the Bible and read what God says about coveting and learn from him. Trust God and know he will provide.


Warm o Rama


mosey the parking lot for 1 lap


large arm circles forwards and backwards

michael phelps

hello dollys

plank jacks

tempo merkins

mosey to parking lot next to football field

seal jacks

flutter kicks

alternating shoulder taps

monkey humpers

6 burpees for Mr Yuck showing up late


The Thang


11’s in the parking lot. Start with 1 squat, run to lightpole, and do 10 burpees with 5 merkins in between each burpee. Continue to finish of 11’s. Run sprints 2 times. At end perform 40 mountain climbers then 40 LBC’s. Mosey back to circle.


Count o Rama

Name o Rama

Prayers for Squeege and McDreamy potentially getting back on track with his job. Full Monty closed us in prayer. Thanks to all who showed in the rain and listened to my talk about coveting. An honor to lead you men.


Check Please


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