The Hills Will Always Be Alive

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Feb 16th  2019 at Boondocks 

Q – Pusher 

Pax – Feud, Flounder, Hyde, shutdown fix it up, draft,Doink, Culpepper, butcher 50 cent,cool breeze,Twister and 2 FNG’s James Braxton (know known as Extinguisher) and Matt Brown (know known as Ping)

  1. Warm up
Side straddle hop Broken robot 
Hurdles  Reacher
Hillbilly  Wonder bra 
Wax on / off  10 merkins 
  1. Partner Each partner runs 3 laps. One partner runs while other does burpees 
  2. Partner Dips and derkins  10 each 4 rounds 
  3. Aching legs 20 Reps each exercise 
Froggie ups  Squats
Step ups or box jumps  Ski lunges 
Smurf’s jacks 
  1. Wall sit 
  2. More Core: 20 seconds per (repeat)
Lbc’s  Merkins 
Mountain climbers  Plank shoulder tap
Flutter kick  Plank 
  1. Dora Hills with Partner: partner runs  forward over one side of hill and backwards other side while partner performs the assigned exercise – repeat until goal is met for each exercise 
300 squats  200 lbc 
100 Merkins  50 burpees 
  1. Partner sprint / V-ups. Each partner runs two laps while one partner is running other partner performs Continuous V-Ups 
  1. Sally up squats 

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