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  • When: 02/23/2019
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: McDreamy, Griswold, Bobber, O'Steen, Outhouse, Housekeeping, Bada Bind, Tone Deaf, Inside Out, Bed Pan, Lucky Charms, Check Please, Zamboni, Gravy

The QIC has been reading a lot of David Goggins these days…especially recommend  his AUDIO BOOK, “Can’t Hurt Me”…it is worth the money.

What do you think, right now, at this moment, that you cannot do? Most people who cannot imagine it, cannot do it. I’m telling you that you can do it, whatever it is, because if you share your dreams and goals and fears with the men of F3, the will put you on their shoulders and carry you with them to your dreams and goals.

As usual, the QIC blessed the Pax with some quality, classic music that some could not make themselves enjoy….it’s like the music that the QIC has a  hard time tolerating in church as every song seems to be as long as “Stairway to Heaven.”…at his advanced age, the QIC has finally figured out that the music and the workout is not for him or about him, it is about Him and the Pax.


Most of the Pax gathered in the fog at 7:00 a.m. sharp….O’Steen could not remember that “we love our brothers enough to hold them accountable, especially when it’s uncomfortable,” so the Pax earned 10 burpees….Griswold just likes the Pax to do extra burpees so he showed up a little after 7 for an additional 10 burpees and Bobber was being followed by the police so he didn’t give a damn if he was late…he didn’t want to get a $200 speeding ticket…might be time to trade in that Tesla for something a little more low key.

After the 30 Burpee warm up, the Pax got down to business.

Warm Up….SSHx10, Don Quixote x10, Reacher x 10, Hillbilly x10…line up on the middle line and bear crawl to the endline; Karaoke up and back, one leg hop halfway, switch legs…mosey

To the pool for some 3×5’s   3 box jumps followed by 5 derkins  x 5….Mosey  line up on the end line….10 x 10’s..10 merkins go to mid field and then 10 big Boi sit ups…10 times.  Mosey

4 corners….20 burpees/20 merkins/20 squats/20 flutter kicks….mosey

Head to the basketball court to see how the Pax was at shooting free throws…make it, no running…miss it….run…..needless to say, there will not be a basketball team named Poseidon anytime soon.  mosey to the circle

Ciabatta….plank/big boi sit up, bird dog, flutter kicks…

The Pax was overcome with Gladiators, football players , and volleyball players…so they left the field and circled up for the COT and BOM….announcements were covered for Gate River Run, Gravy’s mention in Runner’s World, and all the men running in the Spartan race this weekend.

Prayers for those dealing with illness and also lift up the F3 brothers who have been less consistent in showing up…then off to coffeteria at Panera..

Last thoughts from Goggins: “There is no easier way…there is but one way…and this your way….be the toughest you can be and beat all of your challenges.

If you’re not in shape…tell yourself that.

If you’re fat, tell yourself that.

If you are afraid, tell yourself that…the do what it is that you are afraid of….face it….get out of your comfort zone… in the discomfort zone is where you change your mindset..  LIFE IS JUST ONE BIG MIND GAME… AND YOU’RE PLAYING WITH YOURSELF.”


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