Rest – Run Cycle

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  • When: 02/27/2019
  • QIC: PomPom
  • The PAX: Rudy, Happy Feet, Banda Bing, Doink, Flow, Zamboni (respect), Duck (double respect), Bulwinkle,

9 Pax showed up on a delightful 60 degree Wednesday morning to get better together!
Side straddle hops, seal jacks, hillbillies
Mosey to Football Field
1ST DRILL: 3 Exercises and a run drill x Three
15 squat jumps
15 hand release Merkins
15 big boys sit ups
Sprint forward to the line and run backwards
Repeat 3 sets of 15
karaoke down and back facing the parking lot both ways
Repeat 3 sets of 15

Sprint down and back

Flutter Kick until the Six is in.
2nd Drill: Partner deconstructed Meat Flipper
Each pair will take turns adding reps to add up to 100 of each exercise. Number of reps per turn at discretion of the pair.
The 5 Elements that Make a Meat Flipper

100 squats

100 jump backs
100 push-ups
100 jump apps
100 sit ups
YHC explains how rest and recovery helps improve performance.  EXAMPLE: The IDIDAROD is One of the most extreme endurance competitions. It is basically a dog sled race over 1049 miles of the most extreme Alaskan terrain and weather. The top mushers of the day would accomplish this in 16 days.  Unfortunately the dogs would have a 50% mortality rate within a year of the race. Martin Buser of Switzerland revolutionized the sport by deciding the rest his dogs more than they ran (each day run 11 hours and rest 13).  In doing so he was the first to be able to complete the race in under 9 days and ultimately won the Ididarod 4 times.
Calculated/Perscribed Rest is just as important is our professions and personal lives as it is in our fitness.
3rd Drill: Football running drills.
Four corner cones approximately 30 yards apart
Lineup at Cone 1 then one by one sprint forward to the 2nd Cone,
Side shuffle right to the 3rd come,
Run backwards to the 4th Cone
Side Shuffle left back to 1st Cone
Get back in line and do it again for a total of three cycles.
Rinse and repeat except this time start with the side shuffle right and end with a forward sprint. Three cycles again.
Mosey back to the flag
Slow roast 10/ second negative Merkins. Circle up and Each of the pax takes a turn counting down from 10 while we all
Announcements. 2nd F this Friday at 5:30 Valley Smoke
Close in Prayer:  Squeege’s recovery. Zamboni’s new chapter

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