The Neutral Zone leads to The Danger Zone!

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  • When: 03/07/2019
  • QIC: Snaggle
  • The PAX: Dollar Bill, Booshay (respect), Kodak, Rudy, Check Please

It was a chilly morning but where the heck was everyone??? Too many fartsackers this week boys and I know not all of you chumps are running the Gate on Saturday! And who said that was an EA anyway?? (see McDreamy for future Dr.’s notes I guess). But I digress. Really appreciated the 5 men who posted and we started out with a short discussion on not living in the “neutral zone” (i.e.,  being comfortable) because that can very quickly turn into living in the “danger zone” or worse, the “disaster zone”! Do we get too comfortable at times because things are going well and shit is not hitting the fan that we neglect to be as diligent with the needs of our spouse, or our quite time with God? Living in the neutral zone is very dangerous because in an instant you could be smack in the middle of the danger zone and with that of course comes a lot of pain and consequence. Booshay also brought up that it’s important to stay out of the neutral zone when it comes to your fitness, diet, and health because that too comes at a great cost mentally, physically, and financially. It didn’t take us as long to say this as it did to write it so for those of you who are wondering, we did actually get to the workout this morning.

The Warm-Up:

Donkie hotie x12

SSH x12

Little baby arm circles forward x12

Shanook Squats x12

Imperial Walkers x15

The Thang:

Short mosey for a little “catch me if you can”.

Partner #1 Bear crawl, Partner #2 20 Merkins (switch)

Partner #1 Bear crawl, Partner #2 30 Merkins (switch)

Partner #1 Bear crawl, Partner #2 40 Merkins

By the time we were done with the 3 rounds we had bear crawled to the end of the first parking lot which then became our NASCAR race track. Of course you can’t have a NASCAR race without some country music blaring!

Lap 1: Partner #1 LBC’s, Partner #2 Sprint around parking lot (switch)

Lap 2: Partner #1 Peter Parker’s, Partner #2 Sprint around parking lot (switch)

Lap 3: Partner #1 American hammers, Partner #2 Sprint around parking lot (switch)

I told the Pax that the team that places 1st does zero burpees, 2nd place 5 burpees, 3rd place 10 burpees. Those finishing below 3rd place would do 15 burpees however we only had 3 teams so it was one of those “everyone gets a ribbon” kind of competition. However kudos to Dollar Bill and Check Please for your 1st place finish! They seemed to really enjoy watching the rest of us do burpees.

Off the NASCAR track and a mosey to the football field for some seat rolls/monkey rolls with coach Snaggle blowing his whistle. Then headed over to the wall for a 60 second wall squat followed by a 60 second balls to the wall. Enough of that!

Mosey back to bear crawl hall where we finished up the morning on the bleachers for 2 sets of 25 dips and 25 step-ups.

Mosey back to the flag

COT: Even though there was plenty of mumblechatter about the fartsacking Gate River Run crowed we prayed for everyone’s safety before, during, and after the race and that those participating would have extra strength and endurance on Saturday. We also prayed for each of our marriages and relationships that we strive to not be complacent and avoid the “neutral zone”.

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