Not the Gate River Run

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4 Pax this am at Anchor: Boucher, Lifo, Toxic, and YHC, Synapse. Welcome and proper disclaimer given. No FNGs.

The Warmup
15 Michael Phelps IC
20 Hillbillys IC

The Preliminaries:
Pax karaoke to each bench around the circular sidewalk, stop at each bench and do a Burpee at the first bench, 2 Burpees at the second bench, 3 at the third bench, etc. etc, ending with 10 Burpees at the 10th bench.
Pax reverse direction and lunge walk to each bench doing a Merkin at the 1st bench, 2 Merkins at the second bench, 3 at the 3rd bench, etc. etc., ending with 10 Merkins at the 10th bench.

The Main Event
Pax notice 3 cones in the field spaced ~ 15 paces apart. Cone #1 is for Alternating shoulder taps. Cone #2 is for Groiners. Cone #3 is for Mountain climbers. Pax advance to a cone of their choice and do 5 reps of the appropriate exercise. When finished, Pax Bear Crawl to next cone and do 5 reps of the appropriate exercise. Bear Crawl to the next cone and do 5 reps of the appropriate exercise. Pax complete the circuit 4 times, adding 5 more exercises per circuit at each cone. Pax complete the circuit after performing 20 of each exercise at each cone.
Next, Pax will complete the circuit 3 times. Cone #1 is LBCs. Cone #2 is Flutter kicks. Cone #3 is American hammers. Pax Crab Walk to each cone, completing 3 circuits, starting with 5 exercises at each cone on the first circuit and adding 5 more exercises each circuit.
Next Pax will complete the circuit 2x. Duck Walking between each cone. Cone #1 is Squats. Cone #2 is Monkey humpers. Cone #3 is Iron Mikes. Pax start with 5 exercises at each cone on the first circuit and add 5 more exercises on the final circuit.

Cool Down:
Mosey to the fountain
30 seconds of calf raises.
30 seconds of Rocky Balboas.
30 seconds of the other quick step thing, whatever it’s called.

God always provides, like He did with manna for the Children of Israel as they wondered in the desert for 40 years until the next generation was ready to take the Promised Land. God stopped providing manna the day He told them to go into the land and and seize it from the inhabitants. He still provided for them. He intended for them to eat the fruit of the new land. We sometimes wonder why God has stopped providing. He hasn’t. He wants us to move on and He will provide in the next chapter of our life, probably in a different way.

Prayers for The River Runners, Big Bird’s wedding. Lifo’s frinds getting married.

Your Truely,

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